Caught 6

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Chapter 6

“Mr. Levesque.” Gazelle’s eye popped open at the cool voice that addressed Hunter. It was the butler from the front door, and he was looking down at them, a passive look on his face.

She realized that at some point while she was lounging there, Hunter had parted her legs over his thighs, effectively displaying her to the room. The fact that it was dim did little to stop the flush of embarrassment that stained her checks. A firm grip on her thighs halted her attempts to rise.

“Rhett.” His fingers made lazy circles on the skin at her hip. “What can I do for you?”

The man kept his eyes averted, replying in an even tone. “You have yet to arrange rooms for your guests staying the weekend. Should I open the upstairs rooms?”

“Yes, do. Make sure you tell Luke to take the bedroom beside mine in case I need him.” Hunter dipped a hand between her thighs, and she gasped. She would’ve batted him away, but he collected both her wrists in his hands, rendering her defenseless. She wriggled in his lap, eliciting a groan from him. “Is that all?” He sounded almost impatient as he addressed the butler.

Gazelle didn’t even hear the man clear his throat, but what he said caught her attention instantly. “Miss Veronica Grant is asking for you, sir.” There was something there, a hint of something in his voice that didn’t sit well with her.

His fingers froze in their quest, and he swore under his breath. She wasn’t sure what she expected to happen, but him sitting her on the couch was not it. He rose to his feet and conducted a conversation in low tones with his butler. Finally he turned back to her, his face neutral. “Rhett is going to show you to my room. Go on up and I’ll be around later.” He paused, eyes narrowed on her. “Don’t leave, Gazelle.”

And he was gone, leaving her there like leftover lunch.

Jealousy, an ugly emotion she didn’t think she knew, reared its head just then. She wanted to chase after him and demand he tell her who the hell Veronica was, but she stopped herself. Gazelle had next to no claim to him and whatever was going on with them amounted to little more than sex. Even saying it like that made her feel like a cheap whore and she hated it. How much like her mother she was just then.

Inside she struggled with herself. Old feelings and insecurities welled up. She considered getting up, getting in her car, and driving away again, but she stayed rooted on the couch. Gazelle didn’t want to just leave again.

“Miss Tomes.” She could feel his eyes on her, but she didn’t feel comfortable meeting his gaze. “I’m to show you to Mr. Levesque’s room now.”

Conjuring up a smile, she rose to her feet and allowed him to lead her from the room. She expected them to take the stairs to the top floor, but instead Rhett led her pass the stairs and down a long hallway on the first floor. This section was secluded, hidden behind doors. The walls were painted a brighter color; a light blue color she didn’t necessarily associate with Hunter, but seemed to work.

Rhett opened the wood-paneled door into a room that was exactly how she pictured a room of Hunter’s would look. A large king-sized sleigh bed made of dark wood dominated the space. A distressed Santaquin dresser stood to the left of the bed, looking regale and like something out of an old English manor. An arched window that seemed to go from floor to ceiling would offer a spectacular view during the daylight. She imagined one of the two doors in the room led to the bathroom and she found herself eager to investigate. Would Hunter have a large, claw foot tub or a shower with a waterfall faucet?

Stepping further into the room, Gazelle stopped when Rhett cleared his throat again. “Will you require anything else, Miss?” The man had to have learned to affect that particular tone in school. She wondered if English butlers were as snobby.

She smiled. “No, thank you.” Then blinked. “Oh, I don’t have any clothes. Maybe I should run to my house first.”

He was already shaking his head, halting her progress back toward the door. “That won’t be necessary. Mr. Levesque has already made arrangements.”

Rebellion sparked at that and her brows snapped together in irritation. When the hell would he have had time to figure out her size? Gritting her teeth, she worked to squash the rising anger. “Thank you, Rhett.”

The man’s face remained as enigmatic as usual. He executed a short bow before exiting the room and closing the door behind him. Gazelle was left alone to wonder what Hunter was doing. Who was Veronica and what was the nature of their relationship? Her eyes narrowed as she considered the fact that she wasn’t the only person he’d engaged in an arrangement such as theirs. That twinge of jealousy flared up again before she pushed it away.

If she would be sequestered in this room, her time would be better spent exploring the space than moping over things.

Wandering over to the bed, she ran her hands over the plush, brown comforter. The sheets were a rich claret color, matching the pillowcases. She confirmed her suspicions when she touched them.  Definitely satin. Of course Hunter would have the softest satin sheets, she though as the cool fabric tickled her fingertips. Thoughts of feeling that cool fabric on her skin was so strong she nearly stripped out of her clothes. What things could they do in this decadent bed? Her mind rushed to contemplate it before she could stop herself.

She shook herself from her fruitless daydreaming. It was important to keep her head on straight and stop giving into every desire that crossed her mind. Some perverse little voice in her mind was quick to remind her that she was there and totally at his mercy. Even a few hours in his presence had transformed her into this person hungry for things she hadn’t realized she wanted. With effort, she turned her mind back to exploring.

The dresser drew her attention and she found herself strolling around the bed to touch it. Appearing glossy in the light of overhead lights, Gazelle could almost see her face in the cedar. She let her fingertips wonder over the items lined neatly over the top. Each piece seemed to give a certain level of intimacy to the room: gold cufflinks, a black tie lying across the top, and a bottle of cologne. She lifted the cologne and brought it to her nose, inhaling that scent that appeared distinctly Hunter. The emotions fluttering in her chest caused her to set the bottle back down and back away from the dresser.

Blindly she walked to the door perpendicular to the door and into a bathroom that rivaled the bedroom in luxury. The tiles were a light gray that soothed while appearing very masculine. It contained both a shower large enough to fit three people and a Jacuzzi tub that drew her like a moth to the flame. She couldn’t think of a more perfect place to relax and soak away the stress of the day. She vowed to have her time in that tub before this all ended.

Thinking about this coming to an end brought her up short. It could very well be soon considering how long Hunter had left her in this room alone. That thought carried her back into the room like a black cloud, and she found herself standing there at a loss.

Frustration bubbled up. Here she was, waiting like a good little girl while he tended to his other woman.

She considered leaving again, but knew it was too late to make the trip. Instead she stripped out of her dress and slid under the covers. The sheets were cool against her flushed body, but she was too preoccupied to notice. Her body felt worn out, but her mind wouldn’t stop racing.

If Hunter was so damn adamant that she stay, why wasn’t he there with her?


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    Well this just made my Sunday, and your choice of name now give a different face to the one I had envisioned though not an unpleasant one, generally I preferred my Degenerate with a cowboy hat lol

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