Caught (4)

Chapter 4

“Decide.” Hunter stepped back, leaving her feeling bereft. She knew why he did it, but missed his warmth even as the distance cleared her head. She followed him with her eyes, as he turned away and paced down the hall.

She hated both choices because either way she went left her open to pain. If she accepted his offer, if she gave in to that need, there would be no going back. Gazelle knew she wouldn’t find satisfaction with anyone else. The pleasure, that’s what he promised her, more than she could probably handle.

But the other option…

“Wait.” Her voice came out as a whisper, but he heard it and stopped.

He paced back toward her, close enough to pull her into his arms, but didn’t touch her. She wrapped her arms around her waist and met his eyes. 

“How do you want to do this, Elle?”

The way he said her name, the nickname that only he used, solidified something for her. She nodded. “I’ll stay.”

His smile turned predatory. “Perfect.”

Gazelle had no time for second thoughts. Hunter grabbed her hand and pulled her across the hall to the second red door. He loosened his grip as the door shut behind her, allowing her to move farther into the room.

This room was larger with the dark wood that dominated the entire estate. It was there in the paneling on the wall, in the old armoire near the large window, and in the thick posts that surrounded the bed. A dresser with a large mirror sat across from the armoire and she caught a glimpse of her reflection; excitement and yearning reflected back at her before she glanced away.

The bed itself was big enough to sleep four people and beckoned her to sink into the fluffy dark brown comforter. Probably down, she thought absently as she walked over to the nightstand. Dark brown carpet ran from wall-to-wall, and on a whim, Gazelle slipped off her heels and allowed her feet to sink into the fibers. She made a small sound of pleasure at the softness.

“You ready?”

Whirling, she found him standing behind her looking relaxed as he leaned on the nightstand. He’d rolled his sleeves up and unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, revealing a tantalizing expanse of tan skin. His hands were fit into his front pocket accentuating the bulge tenting his pants. The same arrogant confidence rolled off him and she found it erotic. One dark eyebrow raised in challenge.

Gazelle felt on edge, but didn’t have the sense to play coy. As if she’d change her mind. She lowered her eyes, nodding with one quick bob of her head.

“Look at me.” He hadn’t moved an inch closer, but the steel lacing his voice had her jerking her head up. “Say the words, Gazelle.”

Licking her lips, she gave her consent, “I’m ready.”

His eyes watched her for a moment before he commanded, “Strip.”

A trembling started in her limbs. He’d seen her body before, done exquisite things to it, but something about this instance felt different to her. Hunter felt dangerous, harder and much more commanding than he’d been years ago. Something deep inside her reacted to this man standing before her, it wanted to unfurl and offer him everything.

“Gazelle,” he warned. “Now.”

Her pussy quivered in response. Reaching for the hem of her dress, she inched it up, keeping her eyes on Hunter. The way his jaw clenched as she revealed the fact that she’d failed to wear panties made her feel powerful. She bunched the fabric and pulled it up and over her head, leaving her totally bare. The room was warm, but goose bumps prickled along her skin as he gazed at her.

Tension ramped higher as the silence grew, and she resisted the urge to go to him. She didn’t understand why he made them wait, but she refused to speak up. Instead she lowered her gaze, her arms down by her side, hiding nothing from him.

“Still beautiful, Elle.” She couldn’t help smiling though she kept her eyes lowered. “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”

His legs came into view, his fingers threading through her hair. A gentle tug and Gazelle went to her knees before him. Her heart bounced around in her chest as excitement zipped through her veins. She fisted her hands at her side, bombarded by her need. She wanted to feel him sliding into her mouth, to have his taste his essence as it exploded across her tongue.

Overwhelmed, she lifted her hands to his waist, but he stopped her. “Not yet. Remember, you get my cock when I say you can.”

He produced something from his pocket, but she didn’t see until something soft brushed by her face. She jerked her head up. “What…?”

‘Trust me, Elle.” He stared down into her eyes, waiting for her to decide.

Gazelle lowered her eyes and nodded. He brought a piece of red fabric into her line of sight, and then blindfolded her with it. The moment her vision disappeared, she grew anxious. They’d never explored anything like this before and a feeling of the room closing in clawed at her.

Hunter’s hand settled on the back of her neck and gave a gentle squeeze. “Relax. Let your other senses open up. Just breathe.”

She drew in a breath, drawing on his offered strength. Another breath and she stretched her senses out to feel. The carpet felt softer under her knees, the weight of his hand light, and the warm air brushed her skin and tightened her nipples to hard points. Hunter removed his hand, leaving her kneeling there on the floor. The door opened and shut with a barely audible click, startling her. No other sound filled the room and worry began to nibble at her. She strained to catch even the tiniest noise.

“Hunter?” Her words echoed in the large room, but he returned no response. Was he playing with her? A form of revenge for the way she’d walked out, leaving him those years ago?

Upset, Gazelle reached for her blindfold, but a hand seized her wrist and guided it behind her back. She opened her mouth to protest, but the words refused to form.  He maneuvered her other arm into place and bound them together at the small of her back.  Excitement caused her breath to rush between her lips in a gasp.  Her lack of sight ramped her anticipation to the next level.

A hand stroked down her back, and she arched forward in surprise.  As hot breath followed the same path, hands cupped her breasts.  The varying sensations, hot breath and gentle kneading started an ache low in her belly.

Calloused fingers tweaked and tortured her nipples until she moaned aloud.  Pressing her thighs together, Gazelle tried to find some relief for the pressure building.  The hands at her breasts fell to her legs to pry them apart, denying her the pleasure before returning to torture her nipples.

The ache was a demanding throb now. She whimpered and pulled at her bounds, desperate to touch herself.  Hunter’s body pressed against her back, trapping her hands, but warming her and adding to the sensations she felt.

“Please,” she begged.

One hand dropped to cup her mound and she thrust into it.  She spread her legs wider, the wet lips of her pussy parting, her body all but begging for him to touch her deeper. His ignored her moans and wordless pleas, only holding her as he pulled at her nipple.

“Hunter.” Gazelle tried twisting around in his arms, but he pressed closer so she couldn’t move.

She needed more.  His touch had her hanging on the razor’s edge, but it wasn’t enough.  Her hips rocked into his still hand.

“I know what you need.” His breath fanned across her face. “Open up, Gazelle.”

Something wet caressed her lips and she opened to receive it.  It slid over her tongue, to the back of her throat, stretching her mouth wide. The salty taste that accompanied the invasion was her clue to what filled her mouth.

She knew it wasn’t Hunter, but something about being shared with someone else was exactly what she needed.  Turning off her mind, she let relax into the men’s touch. 

Tightening her lips, she sucked hard, letting her tongue dance along the tip as she moved along his length. Whoever stood above her made little sound, but she felt the tension radiate from his body. Gazelle doubled her efforts determined to bring him to the brink.  She wanted to taste his cum on her tongue.

Hands grabbed the hair on top of her head, held her still, and start a hard pace. Fingers parted the lips of her pussy and plunged inside, spearing her deep as the cock in her mouth surged against the back of her throat. Gazelle hummed, loving the way they worked in tandem. Hunter curled his fingers and stroked her g-spot until she gushed and clamped down around him. She cried out around the cock in her mouth, the sound a muffled moan, as her climax swept through her.

The man surged deep into her mouth, and with a deep groan, shot hot cum into her throat. That tangy, bitter flavor danced over her tongue as she swallowed jet after jet of essence. He softened between her lips, slipping out as she fell into the warm body behind her.

As she rested there, Gazelle’s mind caught up to her actions. In her mind’s eye, she could imagine the picture she made as she served some unknown man. Her dwindling lust couldn’t disguise the fact that she’d given control of her body over, allowed him to use her, and gotten off on that fact.

“Gazelle,” Hunter warned. “Don’t.”

His arms tightened around her waist and she realized her body was rigid. She’d never possessed the ability to hide her emotions from him. Running became the smarter option then and she longed to experience it now.

Shifting forward, she lifted her bound hands away from her back and demanded, “Untie me.”

He pulled the blindfold off her eyes, the bright lights making her squint as she adjusted to the light. She looked up to find Luke standing over her, a hungry look in his blue eyes. The feeling of being caught and exposed intensified under his unblinking stare. Gazelle dropped her eyes to his cock and felt a renewed surge of lust at the way it lay wet in his hands. Her reservations at her behavior couldn’t stem the feminine pride she felt at knowing she’d given him satisfaction.

Luke tucked himself away and stepped back as Hunter came around to lift her to her feet. “She liked it.” There was a hint of amusement in the larger man’s voice that brought heat to her face.

“Untie me.” She demanded again when Hunter led her to the bed and bent her over the edge. “Now.”

“I knew she would,” Hunter answered as if Gazelle hadn’t spoken. He placed a hand between her shoulder blades, preventing her from standing. “You can see what lurks under the surface when you look in her eyes. She’s just too scared to acknowledge it, of course.”

She turned her head to find Luke standing at the foot of the bed; the hunger in his eyes banked to a smolder.

“So what do you plan to do with her?”


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