#MM Ssh

A quickie for #MM. Forgive me for the brevity and shoddy editing. 


I glance across the table at him before looking around to see if anyone is watching. We’re in the back, but in an open space near the reference books. 

“Look at me.” I snap my eyes back to him and swallow hard. “Open, now.” 

I shiver and spread my thighs a little hoping that’ll be enough. Lust and fear set my pulse racing as I hear people browsing the stacks near me. Surely that’s enough. 

His eyes narrow on me as though he knows my thoughts. “Wider.” 

The quiet command makes my cunt flutter and I part my legs as wide as they’ll go. I can feel the air caressing bare, wet skin beneath my short skirt and I shudder at the thrill that races through me. 

“Touch yourself,” he whispers. “Use your left hand and touch yourself for me.” 

I curl the fingers of my right hand into my palm and resist the urge to glance around even as I let my left fall into my lap.

My nipples tighten with the first brush of my finger tips along my labia. I’d left off my bra at his prompting so I feel the fabric of my shirt brush along the points with each breath. His eyes drop to them and then back to my gaze, which only tightens them more. 

“Touch your clit.” 

Every whisper seems like a shout in the too quiet space. My every breath is a loud rasp in my ear. 

“Now… Fuck yourself nice and slow. I want to hear how wet you are.”  

I obey, pressing two fingers deep inside. I’m so wet, I squelch on the second slow push inside. My ears strain more and I gasp softly. The flipping of pages, quiet conversations around us, his eyes on me all combined to send me to the edge. 

“Slow. Rub your clit so slowly.” 

Pulling my lower lip between my teeth to stem the moans that want to bubble over, I rub. His eyes hold mine, his gaze almost too intense but I can’t look away. They hold me and direct me, I am a quivering mess. Waiting. 

“May I cum?” 

My voice is barely a whisper, more a breath or a gasped plea. I beg with my eyes. 

He smiles for the first time since we sat down at the table and I suppress a whimper. Please don’t tease, I beg with my eyes, please.

I watch him lean forward, his hand grasping me at the wrist. His fingers trace my frantic pulse, as though he’s trying to gauge my need. I needed… I needed to cum so badly. 

“Please, sir.” I gasp too loud as I swivel my hips. “Please.” 

He uncurls my fingers and presses my hand down beneath his. I feel trapped, no caged. Caught between my need and his command of me.


That whisper is all I need to let go. I press my lips tight and let the feeling bloom and explode out from low in my gut out. My body clenches around my fingers, my eyes riveted to his as it rocks though me. There’s nothing except him as I shudder over and over. 

I release a low moan as I slump down in the chair. My eyes slid closed and I lay my damp fingers in my thigh, pulling my legs closed so I can relax fully. 

“Good girl.” His voice whispers in my ear and I shiver. 


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