Unedited. My taste for the voyeuristic is showing. 

Adjusting her binoculars, Desiree watched as he stepped out on his balcony at 2:25 pm exactly. Warmth bloomed low in her gut as she thanked God for her neighbor’s habits.

Their backyards abut, something she’d become increasingly grateful for since the first moment she’d happened to catch him sunning out her window, but they were far enough apart that she felt safe spying.

He was tall, broad, and blonde. The sun glinted off his hair turning the ear length strands a golden color that made her hands itch to touch. He peeled off his t-shirt, revealing his bronzed chest and shoulders. Desiree let her eyes wander over the hair sprinkled along his chest and stomach before it disappeared into the waistband of his shorts. A very happy trail she’d like to follow.

His hand fell to his shorts, and she pressed closer to the window. Running her tongue along her suddenly dry lips, Desiree waited with bated breath for the that last stitch of clothing to slip off. He fondled the band, pulling them out enough for her to see the lighter skin on his hip.

“Give me what I want,” she hissed out, her grip in the binoculars tightening so it dug into her hand. “Come on, you pussy tease, let me see.”

And as if he could hear her speaking, he let the fabric slip over his hips and fall to the ground. She let out a choked moan when his cock sprung out and bobbed up toward his stomach.

Her cunt throbbed, more cream flowing out of her as she watched him settle into the chair facing her. Someone was happy they were outside, she thought as she let her hand wander beneath her panties.

Desiree used a light touch to circle her clit; the bundle of nerves already erect and ready to explode. She moved down to dip two fingers inside and gasped at her own wetness. A few shallow thrusts coated them with cream and revealed she was incredibly swollen as well. The anticipation of his next move always put her in a state.

“Are you going to give me a show today?”

His hands were busy rubbing sunscreen all along his bare body. Slow, even strokes applied and then rubbed the white lotion until it disappeared into skin. Desiree could feel those long fingers caressing her from head to toe, awakening her body to the point where she begged him to take her.

Finally, finally, he wrapped his hand around his cock. She spread her legs and speared three fingers inside her cunt pretending it was his thickness opening her wide. Over and over she thrust into her greedy body as she watched him pump his fist along his length.

It was easy to picture herself strutting up to him, ditching her clothes as she stood before him. The sunlight would dance over her body as she stood there in front of him. Then she’d straddle those bronzed thighs, slid on to his cock, and let him stretch her and rub against her walls.

“God, I want you,” she breathed out as he tossed his head back.

Muscles rippled in his chest, his neck corded with his mounting lust. Desiree was as edgy, her fingers matching his movements, her eyes glued to him. She wanted to watch him come, needed to see the pearly liquid flooding over his fist and splash across his stomach. Her cunt clenched at the thought. God, she was so close.

He froze and she froze with him. Her climax streaked through her like lightning, but she refused to close her eyes. Not if it meant she had to miss the way his cum jettisoned out of him.

It came moments later, splattering over his chest, his face a lovely picture of agonized pleasure. She imagined the taste of his cum on her tongue, its warmth flooding her body, his cock pulsing heavy as it released inside of her.

She shuddered, crying out as wave after wave rolled through her, sustained by the vivid fantasies moving through her mind. When it finally abated, she was limp with satisfaction. Lifting the binoculars back to her eyes, Desiree drew in a startled breath.

He was staring directly at her, hand still gripped tight around his cock. Even from this distance she knew he saw her, and the easy smile on his face told her he knew a lot more than she realized. He mouthed something that took a minute for her to grasp, but when she did, Desiree backed away from the window.



  1. Accidental Masturbator

    Just as Desiree was about to cum, my Wife opened the kitchen door. I hadn’t heard Her come downstairs. Shit! I hurriedly closed the app on my phone and stuffed it into my pocket, next to my erection and the dark stain of pre-cum that had soaked through my pale jeans. Just as well I wasn’t wanking, I thought.

    I’d love to have a voyeur neighbour.

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      1. Accidental Masturbator

        Oh fear not. Readeing how she pushed three fingers into her swollen cunt to simukate his thickness (I think those were your words) was very good indeed.

        Or do you mean my Wife walked in just before i whipped my cock out and started beating off. I’m not sure that would have been good. Catalytic, perhaps, but good? Umm…….

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