Meet at the alley around back

I promised to wear a skirt with no panties, and as I stand on the train I can feel the way my labia glide together with each bump.

The thought of being near you has my thighs coated with my arousal. My nipples pebble beneath my blouse as a trickle of moisture slides to mid-thigh. Can the gentleman seated in front of me smell the faint hint of my lust? I know the more my cunt creams the stronger it’ll get.

My cheeks heat the closer I get to you. I’ve played this out in my mind so many times that the imagined sensations already feel real. The brick on my cheek, your cock in my cunt, the rush from hearing people pass by.

I exit the train, enjoying the slick rub of me as I walk. The distance to our meeting place isn’t far, but my need makes even a few feet interminable. I’m panting as though I’ve run a race by the time I find the deep alley you’ve called me to.

It’s darker back here even at mid day, but clear of the usual detritus that litters the forgotten space. I smell traces of old food and garbage recently removed though it adds to the surreal urgency I feel.

I stop halfway down, far enough to not be noticed, but close enough that you’d see me. Leaning back against the wall, I wait for you with my eyes closed.

The voices of people passing carries to my ears and I’m edgy as I wait.

My hand rests on my thigh and I can’t help gliding it up and under my skirt. The skin is smooth there, my cunt naked and slick beneath my fingertips. I spread my legs enough to allow me easy access to my clit, my body aching for some play.

Before I can find a rhythm that’ll lead me to release, a strong hand grips my wrist. Warm breath caresses my lips and I open my eyes to meet your gaze.

“You’re not supposed to start without me.” Calm as usual, but your wide pupils give you away.

“I’d say sorry, but we both know I’m not.”

I let you turn me around so the side of my face presses to the cool stone of the building. Your hand wraps around the back of my neck as though you’re worried I’ll bolt, but I’m too on fire to leave.

You skim your hand up the back of my thigh, pulling my skirt up to bunch it above my waist. I hear your breathing change as my ass comes into view.

“We gotta be quick.” You’re distracted as you say that. Your hand kneading my flesh tells me where your focus is.

The hand at my neck squeezes and I bend over, pushing my ass out for you. I brace myself against the wall, praying you’ll fill me up fast.

“I’ve been dreaming about this ass.” I shudder as you slide a finger along my slit. “I’ve been dreaming about all the things I want to do to this ass.”

Glancing over my shoulder, I catch your eye and left a questioning eyebrow. “What are you waiting for?”

Your hand leaves and then quickly returns with a hard slap that jolts me. I press my cheek to the building again and close my eyes so I can just feel. You spank me over and over until I’m quivering and ready to beg. I have to bite my lip to keep my whimpers low.

“Yea,” you whisper as I wiggle my sore bottom back and forth. “Just like that. Let me see that ass jiggle.”

A hand at my waist stills me and in a breath I feel you pressing into my body. I open for you, around you. My cunt stretches to take you in, my slick walls eager to swallow you whole. The second your hips make contact with my ass I sigh. The hair on your stomach rubs the sore spots on my ass making me ripple around you.

And then you’re truly fucking me.

I place a hand under my cheek to halt the abrasive rub, spread my legs wider for you, and let my fingers tease my aching clit. You’re in control even in this. Each thrust is as measured as you are, designed to undo me long before you come undone.

I want to call your name, beg you to lose control, but the occasional tap of footsteps at the mouth of the alley keep my sounds to soft gasps.

“I can’t wait to take your ass,” you grunt out as you slide back in. “I’ll be so deep you’ll feel me everywhere at once.”

The sting of your hand landing as you pull back, the image of you breaching my ass is my breaking point. My mouth latches on to my hand to muffle the moans spilling from my lips. You thrust through every spasm, keeping me at the top unable to come down.

You groan softly behind me, your iron control slipping as you thrust harder. I beg softly for your cum to fill me up because I want it mixing with mine and coating my thighs on the ride home.

I hear you groan again and you lose that perfect rhythm. You swell inside me, stretching me that much more before I feel the warmth of you filling me.

We both relax into the wall, your lips touching my neck to taste the sweat there. I’m tight against you, your cock still buried deep.

The loud sound of a group passing reminds us both where we are. So it’s with reluctance that you disengage.

My skirt falls back into place, hiding my body from you. The heat radiating from my bottom and the slick juices running down my thighs are my rewards.

When you press into me again, you’re a hot blanket at my back. I turn in your arms and touch my lips to yours. The adrenaline is leaking out of me replaced by a lethargy that makes me smile against your mouth.

You rub your cheek on mine and I enjoy the scrape of your beard on my skin. “We better go.”

“A different alley next time? I’ll choose,” I murmur as we leave.


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  1. 1ManView

    Usually I pick a line that stands out, but there were too many in this piece. Short, hot and erotic…
    I don’t know why, but my blog roll is skipping some blogs, and unfortunate yours is one of them, so Im late on reading this…

    peace and love

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