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It was like nothing had changed. The dense crowd seemed to part and there he stood, just like the first time she saw him. Time slowed to a crawl then.

She tried to stuff down the raw longing that swamped her, but it couldn’t be ignored. The low lights, warm press of bodies, and his magnetic presence combined to render her breathless. It all conspired to make her weak. She wanted him, longed to run her fingers through his dark hair and hear his voice rumbling in her ear.

As if he felt her stare, he tensed and then turned, connecting their gazes across the distance. And it was like the past melted away. Even from where she stood she could feel that pulse of heat that flickered between them. The last time they made love danced in his eyes, and she found her self taking an unconscious step toward him. A hard push at her back broke the connection.

It served to bring her back to her senses and remind her of what she’d been set to do. From the sneer marring his handsome face, she wasn’t the only one who’d just come to their senses. She’d been too close to making a stupid mistake. Her face flamed hot as he gave her the briefest once over before turning back to the woman plastered to his side. Anger stirred at the realization that he treated her as though he’d never met her, never touched the parts of her no other man had touched.

She wanted rail at him, but she stood frozen. That brief break in the crowd closed up, shielding him from her view.

Shaken, the anger morphed to self-pity as the bodies around her hemmed her in. Regret at the way things ended soured the excitement she felt about coming out tonight. She needed out.

Desperation forced her through the crush. The heat had morphed into something that threatened to suffocate her and she needed fresh air. One easy breath would stave off the panic, settle her racing heart, and keep the silly tears at bay. Just one breath was all she needed to forget him like he’d forgotten her.

Her frantic dash propelled right into a solid chest. What little breath she left her in a rush as strong arms circled her waist.

“Excuse me…” The words barely carried over the music, and they died when she looked up into the eyes of the man holding her.

Eyes she hoped where blue sparkled in the low light. She let her eyes roam over his face, something about his body heat seeping into her making her stare when she knew she shouldn’t. Maybe it was the easy smile on his too full lips, or the way his blonde hair fell into his eyes giving him a playful look. Why else would she stay in this stranger’s arms instead of fleeing to the safety she’d been seeking moments before?

His hands splayed wide over her waist, touching the exposed skin along the band of her jeans. It was electric. The sensation sizzled along her nerves reawakening her body. He felt big, hard, and hot against her and she didn’t want to move. Everything was pushing her to explore the need driving her, urging her to make a act on the tension bouncing between them.

If she was daring enough, if she could forget the past and take what she wanted. She just needed to make her move.

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