Shut with a snap

He watched her dance, her plump ass jiggling and her breasts bouncing. She was down to pasties and the tiniest g-string that hid nothing as she gripped the pole and hoisted herself up effortlessly.

It was utterly mesmerizing to watch her work. The focused concentration was obvious, but so was the obvious enjoyment at dancing.

The men sitting at tables around the stage were respectful. A few bills, some ridiculously large, littered the ground around her feet. She danced like the money didn’t matter, and that seemed to motivate them to toss more.

“God, she’s good.” A voice beside him nearly broke the spell he was under.

The man at the table over, leaned in when she dropped to her knees and crawled away before tossing her legs around. It was the little peeks of pussy that made the crowd hold its breath in anticipation.

She was good, there was no denying that. He found himself scrambling up as the music ended and she walked off stage with a wave. He needed a private session with her.

It was a bit of a rush as many men started to queue behind him. He couldn’t suppress his smug smile as he was escorted back to a private room.

The bouncer made it clear what the boundaries were as he was parted with his money. The firm hand on his shoulder as he was pressed into the chair let him know that any off behavior wouldn’t be tolerated.

His eyes slowly adjusted to the dim lights of the room, his heart thumping as the sexiest music was piped over the speakers.

She entered from a side door, wearing more clothes but no less sexy.


“I don’t need to know your name, partner, just that you paid.” She blew him a kiss, her smoky voice floating over the music.

The dance began immediately. She straddled his waist, her hips gyrating as she rubbed against his cock. He went from semi-hard to rock solid as she slowly shed the small skirt she wore.

God, his palms itched to see if her skin was as soft as it looked, if his hands would sink into the flesh of her ass when he gripped it. He kept his hands on the chair seat though, knowing damn well he’d be bounced if he touched her.

She treated him like he was the only man in the world in that moment. Her eyes sultry whenever they were glued to his. She could be all his with just a word.

When the music ended, they were both panting. His cock was so hard, one touch from her and he’d come in his trousers. She brushed back her hair as she rose from the ground. He was tongue tied until he was watching her perfect ass head to the door.

“Wait. I’ll pay you to come home with me.”

Her laugh tinkled through the room. “No thanks.”

“You need the money.” He rose up then quickly sat back down when the opposite door opened. “You don’t want to be a stripper, you can’t want to.”

“You think I do this for the money because I have no choice?” She leaned against the door, her smile huge. “I do this because I like it. Sorry to ruin your stripper savior scheme.”

His mouth shut with a snap.

Strip off

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  1. Modesty Ablaze

    Ooh . . . a very tingly read to wake up to.
    And I LOVE the line “I do this because I like it” . . . just wonderful!
    I had to lie back in bed for a little while !!!
    Xxx – K

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  2. Floss

    You’re so good at writing characters who own their shit and make no apologies for it and I love that. I could picture his face in my mind at her response and it was awesome =D

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