The monster at the center

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Someone stumbled upon my blog by searching Hannibal and Will non consent. If you’ve seen the tv series, you’ll understand the characters. If not, it’s a reference to Hannibal Lecter. Anyway, I chuckled at the search and then my friend challenged me to write it in a serial.  I’ll give it a try. Go here for a little background on the show

This draft is from 2015(!!). I should do something with it…

Will sent the dogs into the woods and walked the long driveway toward the cabin.

The air was stale, the smell tickling Will’s nose when he stepped through the door. He’d put off cleaning his father’s house far longer than he’d planned. It wasn’t something he could blame on his new appointment at the bureau.

He unzipped his jacket, overcome by the heat and memories simultaneously. A deep breath in brought the subtle scent of his father’s favorite cologne, and more memories.

“Will, my boy, good of you to bring dinner by for me.”

His father leaned a little heavier against the counter than the last time he’d seen him. Will swallowed the panic that threatened to well up at what he knew would come soon.

“You’ve cooked plenty for me, pop. Besides, bringing you a burger doesn’t constitute a meal.”

“Your mother was the cook, I was simply her humble servant.” His father’s laugh changed to a cough that seemed to rattle his bones.

Will managed a smile before offering to get help his father wash up for dinner. He could feel his father’s bones, see his veins through his pale skin. The strong man he’d always known was fading before his eyes.

“Pop,” he began gently after he’d settled his father into his chair. “Have you thought about what we talked about last time I was here?”

His father waved him off. “I’m not going to a god damn nursing home, William Shannon Graham, and I’ll ask you not to mention it again. I’ll die in this house with your mother’s whatnots around me and nowhere else.”

The man leaned back in his chair and picked up his burger.

The memory faded and Will found himself leaning back in his father’s chair.

This ability of his had gotten so intense lately. He’d admitted having these insights during his psychological exam. It was the biggest surprise to him when he’d passed.

Will knew the government never did anything without their own hidden motives, including recruiting and hiring a man as maladjusted as him. He wasn’t so unaware to see that they’d come calling to use his abilities. Sooner rather than later.

Rising from his father’s old chair, he shook off the discontent that hit him. This was going to be his new place, after he decided what needed to go. Staying in town was way to difficult for him. Too many people, too much malice hanging like a plague over him.

The memories that lingered here were ones he was much more comfortable being around. Much better than the strange looks he received when he lived in his apartment.

No one understood what went on in his head.

Lingering like a ghost, he watched the man move around in the cabin.

He’d sensed… something about him that made the monster at the center rise up and howl. It wanted where it hadn’t wanted on the recent past.

This one was special. Not easy to manipulate because he saw so clearly, but similar to him in so many ways.

The urge to charge in and take was a strong one, but he knew he had to wait. After they met, after they connected, after he took away some things that this man held dear.

This one would be his. He’d dissect him and bath in the swirling emotions in his head. He promised himself he wouldn’t hurt this one too badly. To break him completely would be wrong.

But as he’d learned from his other victims, a little pain added so much clarity.

Things would be clear soon enough. He’d enjoy tasting this one.

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  1. Posy Churchgate

    I liked this a lot! (especially as Will’s interaction with his father reminded me of when I visit mine).

    I only know the Hannibal Lecter films but I got the gist of this – its very intriguing – I hope you write more.

    1. Post

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