The naughtier version of the original tale

Book of secrets

In a weird way he couldn’t explain, Jay found wearing the gear almost dignified. The book was definitely starting to get to him.

After he had been put into his gear, Simon led him out of his stall into the corral with twelve other men lined up in front of a huge carriage. They were all wearing leather straps, fitted around their chests and thighs. This looked suspiciously like the time he’d accidentally stumbled through Folsom Street Fair and the Bear Daddies. Jay had never seen so much leather, muscle, and chest hair in broad daylight in his life.

Which made the fact that he was trotting down the long drive, the castle in sight, feeling giddy, strange.

Life was pretty damn weird sometimes. To be fair, he was currently trapped in a nineteen eighties novel about a sexy fairytale, so weird may not cover the absurdity.

Their heels clacked on the gravel as the trotted closer and Jay clenched at the bit in his mouth. Kelly was there, he could feel her and he knew they were close to the end. On the cusp of something big.

After her handler dried her body, he applied some kind of lotion to her nipples and her clit. She had no idea what it was for until five minutes later as they were walking out to the courtyard.

Standing amongst the other naked princes and princesses, Kelly felt the warming start. It made her want to touch those parts, but her hands were tied firmly behind her back.

The queen sat in a makeshift throne in the middle of the courtyard, regal and distant, her gown gathered up around her waist as a naked prince serviced her. Kelly wished she had someone to ease the increasing ache the warming cream was causing.

“Ladies and gentlemen.” The queen didn’t scream, but her voice carried across the space, silencing the crowd. “We have a little bit of a treat to end the evening.”

Kelly squirmed, trying to pay attention to what was happening. The queen stood, pushing the naked prince away and smoothing her bright red gown down as she stepped around him.

“Today has been a day of enlightenment for our new royal servants, hasn’t it?” She walked around along the circle of people. “A day full of lessons for those who came here seeking to learn.”

The queen stopped in front of Kelly who was groaning as the warmth intensified to a point that made her want to rub against someone or something.

The way she smiled, that small tilt of her lips like she had a secret would’ve irked Kelly if she was more aware. Now, she just really wanted to be touched. The queen was happy to oblige. Kelly panted as the queen tweaked her nipple then pinched it until her hips thrust forward.

“Take this eager little girl. She’s here to learn a little about life and love. She gets to make a choice today and you’re all gathered to watch her choose.”

A clopping of hooves could be heard over the murmur of the crowd. The queen simply continued her slow torture of Kelly’s nipples.

“I think she wants to stay here more than she wants to return to her boring life. She loves a good book, craves getting lost in the magic of the story. Isn’t that what you told me, girl?”

The queen gave her right breast a slap and Kelly nearly came.

“Isn’t it?”


Another slap, harder on the left. Kelly’s cunt gave a spasm.

“Yes, mistress.”

The queen smiled. “That’s right. It’s my duty to make sure you make the right choices based on what you’ve revealed.”

There was a bit of commotion in the crowd that Kelly was not paying any attention to. The queen stopped touching her and Kelly groaned at the loss.

“Ah, very good. The time has truly arrived. Simon has brought the studs.”

She moved to the side to reveal a line of big men wearing leather harnesses, horse boots, black masks with pointed ears, and long tails. They were a line of sleek muscle, their bodies beautiful in the faded light.

“Now to put the girl to the test.”

Test? Kelly needed to get her head out of her cunt and pay attention because she felt like something critical was happening.

“This girl has to find her love in order to find her way home.” The queen waved a arm to encompass the men. “One of these is your love, you just have to find him.”

Easy enough. Kelly knew the lines of Jay’s body, his smell. Even in the midst of this sexual haze, she was confident she could find him.

“Let’s make it a game, shall we? A little sensory deprivation always heightens things. You may not use your sight or sound to find your love. Only your touch. More specifically, your mouth.”


Kelly blinked fast at that, unable to stop herself from speaking. Only her mouth? How the hell was she supposed to do that?

She turned to the queen seeking answers. The gypsy was much more evident in the queen’s countenance. Her smug smile made Kelly want to smack it off her face. What was her problem? Kelly wasn’t sure who peed in her Cheerios to make her so hateful, but she was a villain.

“Careful you make the right choice, my dear, or this time you won’t be able to go home.”

Her handler came up behind her. The man showed her the gimp mask. He stretched it out to show her the nose holes and the gaping spot where her mouth would go.

“These good people really want you to stay so they’re going to do all they can to help you make… the right choice.”

The queen’s laughter was the last thing she heard before sound was dampened by the mask being pulled over her head.

Darkness was complete, and it took a moment of adjustment to keep sudden panic from overwhelming her. The moment of stillness allowed her to think.

Her handler had asked if she wanted to stay and she’d said no. She’d meant it at the time, knew when her thoughts turned to being alone with Jay that she wanted her normal life.

Faced with this daunting challenge, Kelly asked herself the same question. Did she want to leave this? This was non-stop debauchery without worrying about her limits. Her normal life would be working the bookstore, finishing her degree, and being with Jay. The last part of that wasn’t guaranteed. They’d only known each other for a month and neither had said a word about love.

Thinking again about Jay, Kelly realized how much he meant to her. He felt like a place she could relax in, he felt exciting, he made her heart beat madly. She’d always been absorbed in reading and rarely in people, be Jay made her want to talk and be in his presence.

He was her person and she wanted to fight for that. Even if it meant saying no to non-stop sex. Could she figure out who he was in a sea of people without seeing his face? Kelly was just going to have to trust her heart. And probably her tongue in this case too.

She flexed her jaw, working out the kinks. It felt like every cock and cunt in the palace had made use of her mouth that say. She half wondered if that was a skill she could put on her resume.

Kneeling in the grass, Kelly had a stray thought. This moment reminded her a little of a book she’d read a long time ago.

East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Of course, this was the naughtier version of the original tale.

A woman had made a mistake, not trusting her love, and in doing so, forced him into a possible fate that would keep him from her forever. The woman goes through a long journey and a number of tests to find her love again. With the help of a few friends along the way, and a lot of sex, she finds him.

Kelly remembered in the version she read, the woman had to do something similar to find her love and was able to identify him. She was hope she could find such success and vanquish the Queen. It was the only happy ending she wanted to have.

Well, with the warming cream still doing a number on sensitive bits, maybe that wasn’t the only happy ending she wanted.


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