The scent of cinnamon

Book of secrets

They had just arrived in the courtyard when Jay caught his first glimpse of Kelly. God, his heart started racing seeing her.

The queen stood in front of her, teasing her as Kelly wore that same glazed expression as when her left her. He wondered what she’d been doing while he was gone. Seeing her taut nipples and parted thighs, Jay imagined so many depraved scenarios.

He expected a tinge of jealousy, but all he felt was a kernel of lust and a real wish to have been present for her fun.

The best thing about the books so far was how much it brought out of them both. Chief was the high burning flame of both of their libidos. He had no doubt that after this they would be exploring a number of fun things.

“These good people really want you to stay so they’re going to do all they can to help you make… the right choice.”

Jay didn’t know what was going on, but felt an inkling of nervousness. Simon had released them from their harnesses and lined them up in the center of the circle of people. He was adjacent to Kelly, but a mask had been pulled over her face to prevent her from seeing. Only her lips were visible.

The rapid beat of her heart was visible at her neck and he wondered what he’d missed.

“Good luck.”

The words drew Jay’s eyes to the queen. She had the look for a cat who got its cream. What had she done? Or more accurately, what was she about to do.

“I do hope she chooses well. Don’t you?”

He wasn’t sure when she turned into a villain, but he was really fucking tired of this woman jerking them around. The urge to go and give her a piece of his mind was so strong he took a step out of the circle.

“Don’t be stupid, boy.”

Simon’s voice rose just enough Jay could hear him over the din of the crowd. He glanced back to see the man standing near by, his eyes trained on Kelly as she Her hands were released and started crawling toward the first horse man.

“Remember when we talked about survival? Well, I need you to hold that in your mind. Be smart or you’ll end up somewhere you don’t want to be.”

Jays jaw ached with how hard he bit down on the lead in his mouth.

“Think. Use your head and outsmart her if you want to survive this.”

He fell in line, the crowd pushing at his back. Figure out what’s going on, be smart, and then get them the fuck out of there.

Kelly approached the first man and leaned in to press her lips to his thigh. Jay watched her take a deep breath, as through drawing in the man’s scent before mouthing his cock. She’d no sooner sucked the head in to her mouth before these people standing near descended.

Two gentlemen grabbed her hands on either side and brought them to their exposed dicks. Another came in behind her, lifting her up so she had to bend at the waist to keep her mouth attached, and then entered her doggy style.

“I wonder if she’ll pick the right one.” Someone tugged at his tail and he snarled as the plug rubbed his prostate. “Oh this one is aggressive.”

A pinch on his ass threatened to send him into a rage. He kept Simon’s words in mind and focused on what was important. The woman carried on speaking as she stroked his ass and tail.

“I’d love to have that one stay. I’ve been told by the queen herself that she had the best mouth of all the tributes she’s received.”

“What man could be worth giving up this sexual nirvana for? I would never.”

It was becoming a little more clear. She had to pick him. With the host of distractions, Kelly had pick him from the crowd of men.

That queen was a fucking bitch.

His fellow horseman was shuddering through to his climax as the three men surrounding her also came. Kelly was covered in thick ropes of come from all of them.

She licked her lips and moved on to the next guy to the right. A new set of crowd participants circled Kelly. This time one woman who slipped beneath her to suck at her breasts and another woman settling between her legs and latching on to her clit.

Kelly shuddered, But did the exact same thing to this guy as the first; press a kiss to his thigh and then breathe in his scent before taking his cock into her mouth.

Did she know him well enough to pick him out from a crowd by smell and taste alone? Jay was worried she couldn’t. The feelings he had for her were new and intense, but she may Not harbor the same feelings at all. Worse, what if she really did want to stay there?

Fuck. Jay was in the verge of a crisis in the middle of a cock sucking contest.

Kelly had always trusted her sense of smell and was glad of it.

Jay had a distinct smell to him. Cinnamon was a scent that came to mind, strangely. She’d learned he liked to bake a little the longer that they had been together. He smelled of so many things, but that one scent seemed to linger on him.

The first man smelled of oranges under the sweat and she was positive it wasn’t Jay when she tasted him.

Kelly was doing well until the touching from the crowd began and threatened to muddle her mind again. Concentrate. She had to chant that to her as more dicks descended.

Man number two smelled of fresh cut grass.

A tongue on her clit distracted her. She was so sensitive and it would not take much to make her come.

Come on, Kelly, you can do this.

She told herself that as she sniffed each man before swallowing down a different cock each time.

They all smelled good, they all tasted good, but none were Jay. She was sure of that much.

Moving to the next man, Kelly gasped as some breached her asshole with their tongue. It laved and pressed into the tight muscle until it relaxed. It electrified her whole body so much it took her a few minutes to focus on the muscular thighs in front of her.

As she leaned in to sniff his skin, two fingers pressed in and stretched her more. She laid her head on his thigh, lifting her ass higher so whoever it was could touch her. Her cunt dripped, a mixture of her wetness and someone’s come leaking down her thighs.

Kelly turned her face into the thigh her face was pressed against. She drew in a nice deep breath as the fingers in her ass disappeared. Her heart jumped as she thought she smelled cinnamon. She pressed her nose deeper into the crease of skin where thigh and hip met. Where it was warm and the scent was strong, beneath the smell of sweat and grass, Kelly smelled cinnamon.

As she blew the breath away, a cock was plunging into her cunt.

Fuck. No, she wouldn’t be distracted now when she was so close. She wanted to be sure this was Jay before she said anything. The last thing she wanted was to fuck this up when she was this close.

The cock that was in her cunt moved up, notched itself to her asshole, and drove steadily inside. Kelly groaned so low as it breached and stretched her wide.

Her mouth grew suddenly hungry as hips met her ass. Turning slightly, her lips encountered the hard cock of the man who’s scent filled her lungs. She kissed along the shaft, mouthing at him until she reached the tip.

She shuddered as the ass fucking picked up, digging her nails into the thighs she gripped. Taking him into her mouth, she tongued at the end before swallowing him down in one gulp. His cinnamon smell, stronger now that his arousal had increased, made her feel drunk in the same way she’d been earlier.

God, this sent her to a different level. With Jay here, his scent overwhelming her as she pleasured him, and her body being used, Kelly let herself get lost in it all.

The hard grip of hands as they wrapped around her thighs, the burn of her ass she was fucked deep, the pleasure that ricocheted from her ass to her cunt, the stretch of her mouth around Jay’s cock, the taste of him and the scent of him. It was all so perfect.

The thighs under her hands quivered and she knew he was close. She reached up to grasp his balls with one hand and back to rub hard at her clit with the other. They would come together, wanted to feel it all over when it happened.

She felt his balls draw up at the same time she felt the cock in her ass grow. Oh god, she couldn’t stop her moan, scratching at her clit to send herself over the edge.

Come filled her ass and mouth, overflowing from both. She wished she could hear their groans as they took such pleasure in her body.

The cock in her ass disappeared and for a moment she was alone.

Kelly felt like a wanton creature, loved that feeling. It only felt this good because Jay was here with her. She laid her head back on his thigh, confident she had found him.

“Well done.” She heard the gypsy’s voice in her head.

The mask was removed from her face and she flexed her jaw. Jay stood in front of her, his hungry eyes devouring her.

They stared at each other for a long moment before they reached for each other. The moment they touched, everything around them began to fade.

Before they winked out, the gypsy’s voice reached her ears.

“You love him more than even I realized.”


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