She’d learned a lot from books

Book of secrets

They were back in the chair, the book open in Kelly’s lap and his hand tucked beneath the spine so he could touch her. It was like they’d never left.

Kelly melted into him, her whole body relaxing as she realized they’d made it back once again.

“Fuck. I’m still so horny.”

He let his fingers move between her thighs to cup her cunt. She was hot, wetness soaking through the crotch of her yoga pants. Jay turned his face to press a kiss to her cheek, watching her eyes close as he moved his fingers up and down.

Someone walked up the stairs into the mobile library. The librarian followed closely behind, her smile for them warm. Kelly attempted to stand, but he wrapped a wrist around her waist, the book in her lap hiding what he continued to do.

“What did you do while I was gone, Kelly? Did you let them fuck you and fill you with come.”

He whispered the words in her ear, watching the man move around the small space near them, and enjoying the way Kelly tried desperately not to let on what he was doing to her.

“Your mouth on me as that man fucked your ass turned me on so much. Knowing you enjoyed it turned me on that much more.”

He wanted to slid his hand down her pants, he wanted to push her clothes out of the way and fuck her in the one place that made her happy.

He wanted to tell her how much he loved her.

“How did you know it was me, Kelly?”

Jay needed to know. He needed to know how she managed to choose him out of all those men. It was suddenly vitally important that he know.

Kelly squirmed against him. “You smell of cinnamon. I knew it was you when I smelled cinnamon on your skin.”

He grunted, his fingers slowing their rubbing.

“You could’ve picked any one of those guys. You didn’t have to come back with me.”

She reached down and grabbed his arm, stopping his movement. Jay let her turn in his arms a little so they were almost facing each other.

“I could’ve stayed, but I didn’t want to. I wanted you, Julius. We haven’t been together for long, but I couldn’t imagine staying there.”

Fuck. Her words made his heart race. She reached up to cup his cheek, her eyes soft. Her words were low so only he could hear.

“You want know what made him fucking my ass better?” She kissed him slowly then leaned back to meet his eyes. “You being there with me. That was so much better because I knew you were watching, filling my mouth with your cock. You make it all better.”

“God, Kelly.”

She turned away to stand up, closing the book and putting it on the table beside him.

“I know it hasn’t been long, but I love you, Jay. We can figure the rest out as we go.”

He stood up and pulled her into deeper kiss. “I love you too, book worm.”

“Thank you for coming to the mobile library. No check outs today?”

“I’ll just check this one out, please.” He tugged in Kelly’s hand, pulling her to his side.

“Worst joke ever.” She whispered to him though her smile told him a different story.

The librarian took it in stride, smiling at them and inviting them back every Thursday. Jay helped her into her shoes and jacket before they descended the steps back into the brisk autumn air.

“Let’s go home so I can help you.”

“Help me,” she replied as they walked by the people still out. “Help me do what?”

“Well you’re a naughty girl who seems to need fucked often. I’m here to help you with that.”

The way her breath caught made his dick hard. Oh, yes, he loved this adventurous girl.

“So when are you getting married, Kelly?”

She’d gotten together with Ashley and Claire for lunch. They’d been nagging her via text for months about how things were going with Jay and she’d finally agreed to meet and chat.

“For real.” Ashley snagged a fry off her plate and munched on it. “I deserve to be a Maid of Honor for this hook up. You two were are the best match up I could’ve done.”

Kelly just smiled. “Time will tell. We’re taking things slowly and don’t want to rush anything.”

“Oh stop.” Claire rolled her eyes. “I’ve seen the way you two look at each other. It’s almost sickening watching.”

“You have only yourself to blame.”

It had been three months since they’re last adventure into a book. Kelly had managed to find a way to read on the off chance the gypsy’s spell was still in effect. Always wear gloves.

She and Jay had gotten closer since then. He opened up about his past a little more and she admitted to the kinks and desires she’d kept hidden.

Exploring with him had become something that grew their relationship. They discussed playing with other partners, but right now she just wanted Jay. Preferably right now. It seemed like since returning from the book this time, her libido had gone through the roof.

She took a drink to hide her sudden temperature spike at thinking about Jay. Focus, Kelly.

“I’m still working on finishing my degree. This last course is really intense so Jay and I are waiting until after it’s over before we discuss those kind of future plans.”

Ashley rested her chin on her hand. “Fucks like a dream, doesn’t he?”

Kelly had forgot they’d been lovers at one. She blushed a little as she thought about how well. He did a lot of things like a dream.

“You’ve got to keep his interest, Kelly. No missionary for that one.” Claire sighed.

“Kelly isn’t a nasty girl. I’m sure the naughtiest thing she does is wear a little sexy lingerie. No way she’d do anything like what she read in her erotic books.

Kelly rolled her eyes.

If only the girls knew the kind of things of things they got up to when they were together. The kink clubs they went to, the way he fucked her, the places he fucked her. There was nothing missionary about what they did.

The stories she could tell. Like about the butt plug he’d pushed into her ass before sending her out of the door to lunch with her friends. They didn’t know the half of it and Kelly wasn’t going to tell them.

They could continue thinking she was a good girl who just liked to read. She was okay with that because she’d learned a lot from books.


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  1. Posy Churchgate

    Cara – take a pat on the back! This is an epic tale with great sexy twists in it … puts me in mind of a very dark twisted fairy tale driven book I read by Janine Asbless.

    You seemed to have found your comfort zone in these longer pieces serialised.

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