The test of your devotion

Book of secrets

Jay was put through his paces.

They left the stall and went to the huge corral. Once there, Simon made him do some exercises. Trotting with the high boots and prancing pretty. Those moves brought up many of the feelings of humiliation that still plagued him. Simon was firm, pushing him on even when he would have stopped.

When he was satisfied with Jay’s walking skills, he started him with pulling carts in large circles around the corral. The heat of the midday soon bore down on him, sending rivulets of sweat down his body.

“A rest before we do our first run.”

Jay was brought back to his stall, stripped of his latex gear, washed, and then sent over to his blankets.

He was tired, he could’ve rested, but his mind was running a mile a minute. All he could do was think about the last few hours and what they meant.

Submission and being submissive wasn’t his thing. Nothing in him wanted to bend a knee to man or woman, Dom or Domme. Frankly, he’d rather be the one drawing cries of pleasure from his partner. He definitely enjoyed it when he was doing it to Kelly. That had felt natural and damn he’d loved it.

Parts of him chafed at being made to do this. It was obvious confronting his past was necessary or the gypsy wouldn’t have hustled him down to the village.

Nothing sexual had occurred between he and Simon. Even with the fucking butt plug, horse’s tail butt plug to be precise, bouncing against his prostate with every movement, the man had kept his touches professional. It gave Jay the space to confront his emotions without the more awful portions of his past crippling him.

Still, being a submissive little horse boy wasn’t his kink. Even faced with that, this was the first time he’d been really forced to deal with things.

Therapy apparently came in the form of a sex book and a cock cage. Who knew?

“Lesson learned,” he whispered to no one.

Did that gypsy hear him? He’d learned what he needed to and he was ready to get back to Kelly. He wondered how she was fairing. No horse butt plugs for her, he imagined.

Hopefully she wasn’t similarly detained.

The gate clicked open and Simon came in dressed in the heavy brown work trousers. He held the horse gear in his hand.

“Let’s go, your first job is taking supplies back to the castle. We’ll stay for the parade and I’ll bed you down in their stable for the night.”

Jay hopped up, eager to get back to the castle. Eager to get back to Kelly

Time had become a nebulous thing as Kelly served the kitchen staff. Her mouth and her knees were sore, but something drove her on.

Her handler came to release her from her duties, pulling her come drunk self from beneath the table after what felt like hours later. She couldn’t focus and let him carry her from the kitchen.

They entered a large bathing room. He placed her on a bench and began removing his clothing.

People moved in and out of the room. Some were bathing in the large pool. Others lounged on benches or the floor, servicing or being serviced. Steam floated around everyone, giving the whole room a dreamy feeling.

Kelly’s head lolled, fatigue making her fade in and out. The warmth of the room threatened to pull her into sleep.

Her handler returned to her, naked and erect. Kelly stared dispassionately at his cock, wondering absently if he’d make her service him.

“We will bathe. The queen requires you to be present for the evenings festivities.”

He simply picked her up and walked with her into the warm water. Kelly sighed, happy to wash some of the sweat and come from her tired body.

Kelly stared up at the mosaic ceiling. Pink, chubby cheeked cherubs seemed to dance through the scene. They frolicked amongst the satyrs and nymphs who fucked in an assortment of positions that made her blush.

Her handler had moved them to a side of the pool and grabbed some soap that smelled of lavender. Holding her afloat, he began massaging the soap into her skin. It stimulated her body, but not enough to draw her from her lethargy.

“You should stay here and settle with me.”

Stay with him? Kelly was much more relaxed in this book than the previous one. Less threatened by what could potentially rape or killer her. Even in the midst of a lovely sexual haze, Kelly’s mind still turned to Jay.

He was her pick. She wanted him there to giving her a slow bath, his body cradling hers as she dozed. Her need for Jay started to outstrip those latent sexual urges that being in the book had brought up.

Water sluiced down over her body, washing away the soap on her torso. Firm lips pressed to hers and she responded just a little to the kiss. Kelly stared into his dark eyes, seeing the earnest need for her was a drug.

“I would take good care of you, little one. How could you deny that our needs are equally matched?”

Kelly felt desire, but knew it wasn’t the natural urge. This was all driven by the book. She was in far less control here than she’d been before.

He turned her in his lap so she faced away. In front of them was three people, two men and a woman. One man sat on the side of the pool, his feet dangling in the water. The woman bowed over him, her mouth sucking vigorously at his cock while the last man fucked her from behind.

A hand slid down the front of Kelly’s body. She heard the woman’s low moan right as his hand cupped her cunt.

“Would you be more willing if your boyfriend played too? His cock in your mouth and mine in your cunt? We’d take turns, switch places and holes until you were as exhausted as you are now. Would you stay then if you could have us both?”

He parted her legs further over his thighs and pushed two fingers into her. Kelly’s head fell back on his shoulder, her eyes on the triad.

“So hot and wet. I think you’d like to be shared between us.” She rode his hand as he thrust. “Maybe more. Maybe four men or five men taking turn using you. Filling you with so much come.”

Kelly shuddered. The thought of it turned her on so damn bad.

“That’s what I thought.” He reached around and pinched at her nipple. “You want to stay here and have that and more. No thoughts or concerns, just what cock and which hole. How much come can you handle at once.”

It was tempting. His words, his hands on her body, the rutting in front of her, were all tempting. Except…

Except this wasn’t reality. Her sex soaked mind fought this. It would indeed be easy to stay. It would be easy to make her hardest decision be how many men and how much come could she handle. It would be so easy to forget home and just live in sex. This wasn’t real though.

Kelly loved getting lost in a book, but this artificial reality was fun to escape into for only a little while. For once, she wanted more control and less magic.

“No.” She whimpered as her orgasm was poised to wash over her. “No, I want to go home. I want Jay.”

He tsked behind her. “A shame. You would’ve been fun to play with more.”

The pinch of her clit and hard thrust of his fingers sent her toppling over in an intense orgasm. She gripped his arms, closing her eyes as the world tipped for the longest time. Shudders racked her body as she undulated against him. It was a minute of heaven that almost made her wish she had said yes. Almost.

Kelly had barely relaxed from her high when her handler was standing up to carry her from the pool.

Sitting her on a bench once again, he dried her still quivering body before toweling himself off. He was more formal now that their moment in the pool had passed. It helped Kelly come back to herself and shake the cloud of sexual haze off fully.

Her cuffs were replaced and a collar attached to her neck. He clicked on a leash and then met her eyes.

“The test of your devotion is to come. If you want to leave here, you’ll have to discover the love neither of you is ready to see.”

His face was grim. What would this test be? Kelly hoped they’d both learned enough to survive it.


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