They’re coming

Oh my, friend,

Poor Mac. He’s a bit of a mess right now. I didn’t even realize how much guilt could mess with a man’s head. No worries, I’m here to help the only way I know how. Sex.

Honestly, sometimes the best solution is a little sex. I read that somewhere. Cosmo maybe? Regardless, I had to do my civic duty to keep his mind off things. If his mind is clear, he can keep my ass safe. Really, it’s the only smart thing to do. I’m practically a saint for helping him.

You can call me Saint Terry, the patron saint of the pussy deprived.

“It’s not your fault.”

He didn’t respond, but some of the tension seemed to leak out of him so he relaxed in her arms.

Truly her aim was comfort. That deep need to take away his pain by touching drove Terry to hold him.

It changed a little when he laid his head on her chest. His hot breath blew through the thin fabric of her dress, teasing her skin. Her nipples tightened to hard points that poked out in a very noticeable way.

She wasn’t sure if Mac noticed. He turned in her embrace, his arms going around her waist allowing his face to rest more easily between her breasts.

It felt good holding him like that. There existed this buzz of energy that increased to ramp down the sadness that had been permeating the room. Terry tried to ignore it, keeping her mind firmly in the comfort zone. That lasted until one of the hands slipped from her waist to almost cup her ass.

That horny meter binged back up on high. She stroked his hair, enjoying the way the soft strands sifted through her fingers.

“I want to keep you safe, Terry.” His words were barely above a whisper. “I have to keep you safe.”

Her heart squeezed. She leaned down to press her lips to the top of his head. He smelled of sun and earth. It sounded so cheesy to even think it, but the masculine scent of him called to everything that was feminine in her.

“You are. I trust you, Mac. I need you.”

It was like a switch had been flipped, that tentative energy burst into flames around them

His hand slipped all the way down to really cup her bottom. She watched as he turned his head and took one of her hard nipples, fabric and all, into his mouth.

Nothing felt better than his mouth in that moment. She pulled him closer to her, the wet suction making her squirm.

She felt air on her thighs as he pulled her dress higher. His other hand seemed to follow the path uncovered, caressing up until he was teasing just at the junction of her thighs.

To say she was gushing wet classified as the understatement of the century. She’d been eager to be fucked for the last twenty-four hours, and to hell if she was going to miss this chance. They’d moved past first dates.

They both could use the comfort right now anyway and it was important she do her duty in making sure they both got what they needed.

Terry spread her legs a little bit, allowing him easier access to her pussy. He switched breasts, leaving it wet and aching. He drew the other nipple into his mouth and then bit down hard before sucking the sharp pain away. Her groan could probably be heard through the paper thin walls, but she really didn’t give a fuck. She wanted more.

Pushing his head away, she peeled the stupid dress off because all it was doing was getting in the way. She needed skin on skin.

Something about the act shook Mac out of his haze because he started to pull back.

“Terry, I’m not so sure–”

She leaned in to kiss him, cutting off whatever ridiculous comment he was about to make to stop what was happening.

“If I was any more sure, I’d already be riding your dick right now. We’re both adults. If something happens, I don’t want to regret not doing this.”

Reluctance and desire warred on his face. Oh hell no. Her pussy was revved up and they were not stopping this train. Terry decided to help convince him this was the right thing to do.

Moving backwards, she reached behind her and pulled the offending duvet off the bed. She said a silent prayer that the sheets had been cleaned in the last few weeks at least, and that she had no broken spots on her skin.

Laying down, she spread her legs for him. His eyes zeroed in on her. Terry wasn’t one to masturbate in front of a lover, but for him, she’d show herself.

Terry palmed her breast and pinched the nipple still damp from his mouth.

“I know this seems a bit rushed, Mac, but I don’t want to miss out.”

Walking her fingers down her stomach, she cupped her vulva and groaned as she pinched a little harder on her nipple. His eyes narrowed, that tension returning to his body. He looked ready to pounce, his hands gripping hard at the chair as if just stopping himself from it.

She parted her labia, exposing her wetness to him. Her hips rose and fell, just the air along touching her aroused her like crazy. Having his eyes on her added another level of arousal that she couldn’t explain.

Pressing her fingers deep into her cunt, she coated them with her cream and then started slow circles around her clit. She pulled at her nipple, twisting the poor nub so bolts of desire zipped down to her cunt.

“It feels good, Mac. Don’t you want to feel?”

He groaned and it nearly made her come. “Terry.”

“Please.” She bit her lip and arched into her fingers when she pushed them back in. “Please don’t leave me like this.”

He was on his feet and between her thighs in a heart beat.

All that hesitation from a moment ago was replaced by a man beyond ravenous. He pulled her fingers out of her cunt and sucked them into his mouth. His tongue swirled around each digit, tasting her slowly.

“God, you taste so good.”

He dove in like a starving man. He sucked on her clit and then slid down so his tongue licked deep into her cunt.

His hand moved under her hips to lift her up more and she shuddered as he explored every inch of her.

Talk about a hidden talented. Terry was notoriously difficult to get off via cunnilingus, but this man was making stars dance before her eyes. She was positive she could hear angels sing.

Maybe that was just her babbling ‘oh my god’ over and over as she came on his tongue.

It had been a while.

She lay dazed. “Your tongue should be registered as a deadly weapon.”

His dark chuckle made her squirm. If she expected him to follow up with some smug comment, she was pleasantly surprised when he simply stood up and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Terry was suddenly revived when he started to reach for his jeans. Her clit pulsed as he undid the fly. He only pulled his cock out from the opening. Something about him being clothed with her naked heightened things for her. He was hard, as ready as she was to consummate this event.

There was no need for a warm up or easing in. Terry wanted him in her as deep as he could get, and Mac seemed to be in agreement with that.

He rubbed the head from her clit down to her opening and slid in to the hilt. Terry bit back her cry as his hip met hers. God, had it ever been a while. Her Battery Operated Boyfriend hadn’t quite prepared her for how good it felt to be so full.

“Fuck.” He breathed and then laid his forehead on hers. “I don’t have a condom.”

His words were total gibberish. It took her a minute to grasp what he was saying over her brain screaming for him to fuck her.

“I have an implant and I’m clean.” She left off the ‘fuck me already’. Just.

“I’m clean.”

She appreciated the fact that at least one of them was paying attention to safety. She’d think him for that later. Once he fucked her silly.

He started moving his hips finally and Terry clenched him to her. It was all gentle movements, tender like he was worried he’d hurt her.

Her fingernails dig into his clothed back, determined to spur him on. “Mac, please, I won’t break. Harder. Fuck me, please.”

That broke the dam. He reared up, grasping her hands and holding them over her head. The man transformed into an animal. His hips snapped forward so hard her whole body moved up the bed.

“God, yes.”

No words were needed after that. He was a man on a mission. Terry hoped whomever was staying next door was deep in a drug induced stupor because her loud moans could wake the dead.

She fought his hold on her, wanting to claw at him, but he held her steady.

Mac’s face was the picture of concentration. He thrust hard, his eyes moving between her bouncing breasts and his cock sliding in. She fluttered around him and he practically snarled.

Her orgasm was a breath away and it felt so big she wanted to shy away from it. Mac was determined to have the most from her. The man was going to kill her before the mob did.

“Come for me.”

Fuck. He was a beast. The slap slap of their bodies connecting filled the room coupled with the squeak of the bed beneath them.

He released her hands and wrapped a hand around her throat. His lips ravaged hers before he rose up above her again.

“Come for me, baby. Come on my dick like a good girl.”

She whimpered then arched hard as she did exactly what he asked.

Hearts, Stars, and horseshoes. She had not come this hard in… well, she would probably guess ever. Her body expressed its joyous thanks by gripping his cock so tight she felt the kick of his balls as he started to come.

“Fucking hell.” He groaned as he spurted.

Fucking hell was right.

He collapsed on top of her, the bed groaning slight after that abuse. She felt the spring in her back, the adrenaline wearing off as he lay in her arms.

Just as she was starting to enjoy the afterglow. There was a beeping.


He was pulling out of her and buttoning up.

“We have to go.”

“Go?” She was full of come, a rare thing she wanted to enjoy.

“They’re coming.”

Damn it, she’d just come! His voice was grim though and that was enough to get her ass in gear. Now she was in a crumpled dress with come trickling down her thigh. Terry French at her classiest, folks.

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