Scars like that

Ten thousand words on NaNo


I’m a come-covered hussy on the run from the mob. Seriously, can we talk about how inconsiderate they are? There I am, trying to enjoy my afterglow and they try to show up and ruin my buzz. Do they not know how long it’s been since I’ve had decent cock?

I’m not usually one to open my legs on the first date, but we haven’t actually gone on a date so it’s all good.

Mac is a little serious right now. Apparently sex makes him surly. Or maybe he’s just protective considering what happened with… you know who. I’m waiting on him. To lock me away somewhere so I don’t get hurt. Or pee on me. Water sports aren’t really my thing…

Mac tossed the keys to the attendant as we passed. No questions asked.

Well, Terry has plenty of questions, but he was hustling her out so fast she didn’t have a chance to voice a single one.

They were packed into the truck and hauling ass down the road. She stayed quiet while they drove for the first hour, but when they hit the second hour of continued silence, she’d had enough.

“Where are we going, Mac?”

Her sex powered goodwill was dwindling fast. She was being shuttled around with little explanation again. And they’d ruined her post coital buzz!

“I’m taking you in.”

“In where?”

The frustrating man grew tight lipped again. Terry bit her tongue to keep from screaming at him.

Fine, she’d try a different conversation. “Mac, were you and Maria together?”

He kept quiet. Terry was positive he wasn’t going to answer. Well, then sitting in silence was how this drive was going to go. Perhaps she should just lay back and savor the come cooling on her inner thighs. The lovely buzz of happy hormones was still floating through her body even with them once again on the run.

“It was complicated.”

How complicated could it be? Either he was fucking her or he wasn’t. Terry kept her mouth shut, knowing any comment from her would stop him from talking.

“I broke the rules by taking her case. I’d go to her father’s deli regularly, would talk to him about the issues with the mob demanding protection money from local businesses. There wasn’t anything we could do about it directly.” He sounded bitter about that. “I had a thing for Maria from the moment I saw her, but didn’t want to take it anywhere. Until she witnessed that hit.”

He swallowed hard. This was beyond difficult for him. She could feel that same tension from earlier and laid a hand on his arm.

“When she went into protective services, I said I’d pose as her husband. She was giving up everything and I… I wanted to be her everything. It was supposed to be an act, but we went so far as to actually get married so she’d be safe. It definitely became real to me over the time we were together. She was everything to me and I thought I could protect her. I was wrong.”

His white knuckle grip on the steering well said it all.

Terry wondered at their deep feelings for each other and how Maria felt. To really marry someone you were supposed to be protecting spoke to more than wanting to keep her safe.

“It was years ago, but it feels like yesterday.”

He said it as though it would automatically make it easier. Losing someone never got easier.

Terry’s parents had been gone for twenty years, dying in a car crash when she was young, and it still made her tear up thinking about it.

“Scars like that take time to heal, Mac. Go easy on yourself.”

His laugh had that empty quality that made her sad. “I’ll go easy on myself when I’ve put away the people who took her from me.”

The sadness morphed to anger. There was an air of determination about him now.

She glanced at him, his profile strong and felt something in her gut that wasn’t arousal. God in heaven, what was this burble of emotion? Was she falling for him? This had to be the symptoms of some kind of Stockholm’s syndrome. Maybe that’s why she wanted to comfort him so badly. It certainly explained her intense sexual interest.

Developing feelings after twenty-four hours with this man just would not do. Her pussy was having a moment of confusion that must be affecting her brain.

Silence fell and Terry let it. Her mind was contemplating the turn in her life. Yesterday felt like a completely different time. She wondered again at whether Joe had survived that moment in the office.

They drove for a long while into an area Terry wasn’t familiar with. Admittedly, she hadn’t had the time to explore and she was fairly new to the area. A tickle of something like nerves or premonition eased down her spine, but she attributed it to still being exhausted. She trusted Mac, she did. She didn’t fuck guys she didn’t trust.

When darkness fell, they stopped at a large building in the middle of nowhere. Middle of nowhere was not an exaggeration. They had not passed a single car in ten miles or more, long after the road had changed to single lane. Outside on either side of the building was fields. Tall stalks of corn on one side and the rutted dirt of fallowed field on the other side.

The building was not quite a farmhouse. Too big and nondescript, with a brick exterior and minimal lighting. This was a scene out of a horror movie. One where the heroine was cut up a-la Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Terry really hoped she wasn’t going to end up the cut up heroine.

“Where are we?” There was a tremor in her voice. She wasn’t going to pretend she wasn’t nervous.

Mac hopped out of the car and moved around to her side after retrieving his knapsack from the back. That bout of nerves hit her again.

When he opened her door, Terry debated refusing to get out of the truck. She met his eyes, his steady gaze holding hers and revealing nothing. The truck’s interior lights made his face seem starker then normal and it did nothing to make her feel better.

“I can trust you, can’t I, Mac?”

She didn’t give her trust to many people. There were few people in her life that earned it. She wanted to believe she could trust him, wanted to believe the feelings she had over the nerves making knots in her belly.

Instead of answering, he pulled her into a kiss. This was hot and possessive, a kiss that melted her bones as their tongues mingled. A kiss that left her panting and wanting to pick up where they left off earlier.

“I’ll keep you safe, Terry.”

Floating on a sea of good feelings, Terry unbuckled her seat belt and let him help her out of the truck.

He led her across the grassy drive and around to a door at the back of the building. It was chilly, the night air passing through her thin dress and making her regret not grabbing a jacket before they left her apartment this morning. She was shivering and less sure by the second.

When they reached a steel door around back, Mac knocked once and it slid open. They took five steps into the dim building and before Terry could complete the sixth step, she was hit on the back of the head.

Falling like a sack of potatoes, she lay on the cement floor dazed. Stooped above her was Pauly Rocco, her boss. The man who had recently being standing over another body. Through her fading vision, she noted he was dressed in his standard gray suit and wearing a smile.

“You did good, Macintyre.”

She passed out, betrayal following her into unconsciousness.


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