The Disappearing

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I’d just stripped out of my clothes and gotten into bed, the stress of work melting away as I slid between the cool sheets. I was contemplating a wank before sleep when I heard a knock at my door.

The idea to ignore it was abandoned when the steady knock came again. Dressing with a sigh, I move as quickly as I can to reach the door.

I open it to find no one in the entryway.

A search down the hall reveals no one present and I’m wondering if I was hearing things. After a night of work, it’s entirely possible my sleep deprived brain was conjuring sounds.

The brush of air whooshed by me, a swift current that lifted the hair from my neck. I had a beat of breathlessness and then everything settled. It was disorienting and I attributed it to my need for bed. I leaned against the closed door for a second before heading back to bed.

As I slipped back between welcoming sleep, everything was forgotten. Sleep was the corrector of all strange things and I was on the edge of sweet unconsciousness.

Air on my body pulled me to semi awake moments later. Thinking I’d kicked the covers off, I reached around blindly for them. My hands only encountered air. That woke me fully.

I sat up, looking around to find myself hovering in space a foot above my bed.


Something pushed me back, clamping my hands to my side and sealing my mouth shut. An energy flowed over me, cold and heavy.

Whatever held me seemed to anticipate my movements because any struggle I put up was stilled.

I tried to still my panic, my eyes scanning the moonlight room for some clue to what held me. A shimmery figure hovered above me.


I heard the whisper of a voice in my ear. Want… what did it want?

The question no sooner flitted through my racing mind when I felt the fingertips ghost up my thigh. The touch went from teasing to parting my labia and diving into my cunt.

I arched as much as I could at the cold intrusion. It was too much too fast and I was given little chance to adjust.


The voice grew loud, booming around the room as the ghost became almost corporeal. It took the shape of something slithery, it’s form wrapped like a snake around my body.

No. I tried to scream the word, but it only came out as a mumble.

A humanlike head bobbed above my face, two transparent gaze riveted on me. I closed my eyes to avoid it, hoping this was a dream I’d wake up from.

The sensations shivering through me made my skin crawl. It moved between pleasure and pain to quickly for me to process, and I screamed when it rammed in too deeply.


This time the word whipped around me like the wind. It became a real wind that picked around. My heart clanged in my chest so hard I felt sharp pain with each beat. I opened my eyes when another sharp pain wracked my frame.

I glanced down my body and saw how I looked more faded as the apparition grew more solid.

What was this thing taking from me?

I hurt all over now, what little pleasure I’d had disappeared under all the pain.


The squeezing sensation lessening, the pain in my chest growing fainter and with it my heart beat.


It let me speak, but my voice was barely a whisper even though I screamed it.


I felt myself fading out. The ghost smiling above me was the last thing I saw before I disappeared all together.


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