A hoarse whisper

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

I was reaching for my gun with every ounce of remaining strength I possessed. My fingers barely brushed it as my vision started to darken.

“Uh uh, detective.”

He knocked it away and something broke in me.

I had zero assurance as my life faded that I’d wake up tucked in my bed this time. My muscles were starting to relax one by one, mouth gasping for air, as he choked the life out of me.

Talk about reviewing all your fucked up choices as your life flashes before your eyes.

I was already resigning myself. The now familiar fuzzy feeling was creeping in. I know I didn’t have much longer. Everything seemed to slow.

“Goodbye, detective.”

He jerked suddenly above me, but his hold didn’t loosen. Another jerk and he slumped forward, releasing the choking grip. My head feel forward, my cheek slamming down into the cold leaves.

I was barely holding on. Too far gone to hear or feeling much of anything. My vision continued to waver as I watched him fall to the ground beside me. He wore a shocked expression, his hand covering a spot on his chest. Even in my addled state, I felt the shock to my core.

Blackness dropped like a rock over me, my body giving out from the strain.

Was I dead?

No, I wasn’t dead. There was no light at the end beckoning me. It wasn’t even fucking quiet.

I woke face up with Mick shaking the shit out of me and yelling in my face.

“Fucking hell, Mick,” I rasped out. “Get a mint.”

“Glad you’re not dead. Next time don’t make a plan without better backup.”

I would’ve flipped him off if I had the ability.

Gratefulness cured many irritations though. Mick had gotten my panic signal though he cut it close.

He pulled me to his feet and motioned for the paramedics. I wanted to wave them off, but felt like hot garbage. My throat was totally fucked, but at least I was alive. Can’t complain too much.

We broke the tree line and crossed the field to the gravel drive. The flicker of blue and red police lights brightened the night. I counted five cars and the SWAT truck. Eager.

“Where is he?”

It was getting tougher to speak, which means swelling was setting in. I needed to know though. I had to know if he…

“They’ve already taken him to the hospital. Missed his heart, but got his lung.” Mick sounded grim like he regretted not taking him down.

That missing finger still inspired quite a bit of bitterness.

I hated that I barely suppressed a sigh of relief. He may deserve to be in the ground, but something in me couldn’t stand the thought of him being dead.

“He’ll end up in super max if he makes it.”

He’d misinterpreted the tremble that had hit my body at the news. I let him believe what he wanted, no need to explain my fucked up brain.

They bundled me in the back of the ambulance and actually took me to the nearest hospital. My throat was severely bruised, but nothing was irreparably damaged. I let them scan me and bandage up some scrapes, but drew a line at staying the night. My solemn promise for vocal rest and to take my pain killers was going to have to be enough.

I checked myself into a hotel, too tired to go back to the cabin and the drive home was too long. I collapsed in the fluffy bed suddenly so exhausted I couldn’t function.

I blew out a sigh then winced. I was still riding the wave of pain killers, but I couldn’t quite slip into sleep. My mind kept replaying the look on his face before I passed out.

He was gone. No… not gone, but hopefully not a threat any longer.

Mick promised to call if he didn’t make it, but I knew he was too much of a crazy bastard to die.

Convincing myself not to call and ask after him was hard because I needed to know he was still here. I had this desperate need for him that made my body ache.

My thoughts instantly flipped to the way his cock felt inside of me. Hard, bruising, and so sure.

In spite of how terrible I felt, I couldn’t stop the way my cunt swelled. Nor the way my hand slipped between my thighs to rub at my clit. Rubbing hard and fast, pushing myself.

As I came with a shudder, his name a hoarse whisper on my lips, I knew I was never going to be quite right again. He’d succeeded in ruining me at least a little.

Everyone was at least a little fucked up. I just happened to be more fucked up than most.


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