Will Be

You and me…

You with your blatant pleas, but manly hesitation

Me being a tease, but secretly hoping you’ll take me. 

We dance 

A two step of naughty words. A sexy picture to entice. 

Will you?

Are you wanting for me to ask, fall to my knees, beg for it? 

Will you… please? 

As I display so pretty and speak without words. 





Let us continue the tease, shall we?


  1. Aku

    Wow… simple but so very effective – clearly your muse is peeking through again, and you look as lovely as ever.
    After such a long drought without Cara, your few lines and some gorgeous pics are like a slap in the face of the best kind. No pretention, just honest and I can’t take my eyes away.

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