She offered him her throat

He’d spotted her at the club, her rosy cheeks giving her away. The nervous beating of her heart was better music than the stuff blasting out of the stereo.

It took nothing to lure her back to his nest. Less to strip her of her clothing.

Tilting her head, she offered him her throat. Her cry was one of pain spiked pleasure as his teeth sank into that spot where neck and shoulder met. She heard the frantic pounding of her heart as adrenaline spilled into her system.


Begging for more.

He broke suction with a roar, leaving her dazed and panting, her mind hazy.

There was still a flush to her skin that beckoned him. He tweaked one of her nipples, twisting until it was a tight point. When he leaned in to suck, she cupped her breast in offering.

“Bite me, please.”

She whimpered when he sucked hard. The prick of his teeth at her aureola made her moan.

Each pull of his mouth made her body flash between hot and cold. She tittered on the edge of coming from the rush of pain alone.

He did the same to the other nipple, gulping blood as it poured into his mouth.

She spread her legs slowly, her motions sluggish but sure. Her fingers stroked along her vulva before parting her labia for him to see.

“Will you finish me?”

He contemplated her. She was no blood whore, but it was obvious she wanted to die. The question was did he want to grant her wish.

The blood engorging her clit was too much to ignore. He struck quickly, sinking his teeth in deep as he thrust two fingers into her cunt. She deserved a bit of pleasure before he drained her of her blood.

He relished the climax that spilled from her, drinking it down with her blood. It coated his lips to the bed beneath her quivering form.

Her blush was gone, leaving her gray and nearly lifeless. A twinge of regret hit him, an emotion foreign to him now.

“You were foolish for coming here.”


He licked her from his lips as his own eyes grew heavy and his body sluggish. Confusion marred his brow when his limbs grew heavy like concrete. He could taste the poison that laced her blood as his own life force weakened.

She gave a weak smile. “But we all have to die. Even you.”


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      Cara Thereon

      I’m terrible at what poison goes with what supernatural being. I’ll have to keep that one in mind for another story

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