No Judgement

You like what you like, amiright? Another for the storyin12 flashes

“You like to do what?”

He blinked, his face growing hot at what he let slip. While her face hadn’t changed, her eyes twinkled with laughter. This date was quickly spiraling out of control.

“I… I like to visit the zoo and pet the animals.”

She did start laughing then. “That’s not at all what you said. I believe it was ‘I like to go to furry conventions’.”

He started to rise from his seat, needing to just end the moment before he expired from embarrassment. Before he could so much as push his chair back, she was grabbing his hand.

“I’m not one to judge, honestly.” She grimaced a bit. “I have my own proclivities. Stay.”

The way she said the word, her own face going a bit red, made some of his embarrassment fade.

“I like going to furry conferences. I like dressing up as a bear named Hairy.”

She nodded, glanced away, and then back again. He sat back in his seat, his hand still in hers. She took a breath before replying in a rush.

“I sometimes enjoy sex play with balloons.”


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  1. NPE

    One time one of my flights had a cancellation, the airline put me up in a hotel in Denver that had a furry convention going on. True story. I did not partake in any “festivities.”

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