The message said

A photo of Molly Moore. Sitting in the dirt in a floral dress

Well, struggled (and tripped) trying to craft this one, but I want to do something for today’s storyin12 prompt. Thank you to Molly for the photo usage.

The message scrolled across the screen like a beacon.

Easy score…”

He walked the five blocks from his safe, clean part of town to the slum that butt up against it. In the first corner he find a worn looking woman leaning against the brick wall. The light in the alley buzzed overhead, flickering and turning her overly lined face skeletal before brightening again.

“You looking to score?”

Her voice, well past the point of gravely, rolled through the air. She took a drag of her cigarette before dropping it to the ground.

“Come on then, haven’t got all night.”

When she stepped deeper into the alley, his feet carried him forward after her.

He held up his hands as she knelt on the littered ground. She had his belt undone and his flaccid cock out before he could speak.

She sucked his cock down, her clumped, overly mascaraed eyelashes fluttering. When she pulled back, her red mouth wide revealing brown and broken teeth, he shuddered.

“It’s a fiver for a blowie and twenty if you want my ass.”

She was swallowing him to the root before he could answer. Something moved in her hair, causing the matted curls to wiggle.

His cock responded, not just to her expert suction, but to the utter revulsion that bubbled up in his belly.

He stared up the dark sky, unable to continuing looking at the woman kneeling before him. No matter how much he pretended to be better with his fancy job and expensive home, he was still drawn to the filth.

He fucked her throat harder, needing to punish her for his inability to stay away.

Molly sitting on the dirty ground in post titled the message said


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