The Game is Afoot

Storyin12. Too long for a drabble so it’s a flash today. The places my mind goes.

Luis pushed Carl forward on to the bed so he landed on his stomach.

Carl knew exactly what Luis wanted. He lifted his feet a little, holding them together as Luis stepped closer.

Luis was so fucking hard. Carl had slipped off his shoes after an intense workout at the gym. Seeing him walk around barefoot, those high arches and the dark hair covering the big toes, had made Luis stop what he was doing.

They were in the bedroom, Luis’s dick slipping along those arches before Carl could say another word.

Luis gripped the sides of Carl’s feet. There was still sweat clinging to the his leg hairs and wrinkling his soles. The smell of Carl’s feet reached Luis’s nose and it made his hips jack up faster.

He was going to come. Luis tried to steady himself, wanting to enjoy the feel of the feet surrounding his cock, but he was too close. His nuts were already drawing up ready to blow.

“Spread your ass for me, baby.”

Carl parted his cheeks and glanced back over his shoulder, all coy. He knew exactly what he did to Luis.

“You gonna blow your load right there?”

Luis groaned. “Yea, baby, then I’m going to fuck it once I’m done fucking your sexy feet.”

Carl’s asshole clenched and that was enough to send Luis over. He just had the wherewithal to aim right at the ring of muscle before he blew. Those perfect feet framed his ass on either side.

It took a minute before Luis caught his breath, his dick still semi hard in his hand. He leaned down and sucked one of Carl’s toes into his mouth.

“I can’t fucking resist.”

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