Hazy Reflection

Bit of flash for storyin12

Who… is that girl in the mirror?

She’d woken up in this white room with flowered curtains, no memory of what came before. The mirror offered no answers, the reflection only giving her a jolt.

This girl was blonde, but it looked wrong. The roots were darker, as were the brows. The eyes looked wrong too, blue when something told her they were meant to be brown.

A throb started behind her eyes as she tried to jog her memory. She blinked to stop the room from tilting.

The door behind her opened in and a tall man entered.

“Oh, you’re up, Hazel. Good.”

His deep voice sent a nervous tremor down her spine. She searched her memory and nothing came to the fore. Nothing accounted for the fear or the prick of arousal that dampened her panties.

He approached and she met his eyes in the mirror. Something strange swirled in his gaze that made both emotions, fear and arousal, spike. Her stomach twisted and heart raced until she felt like she’d collapse at his touch.

His hand snaked around her throat, drawing her back into his body. She watched, wide eyed, as the girl in the mirror changed again. She’d softened somehow even if she didn’t know why.

“Let us begin your training.”


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