Once More

Cara with a blue jeweled butt plug in

She woke to him weighing her down, his cock sliding through the mess between her thighs. Hot breath blew on her face and his fingers pinched at her nipples. The sloppy sounds of him moving against her filled the room like a depraved symphony. She was awake once more.

Her mind was foggy, her body covered in dried come, and her cunt sore from use. She knew not to protest, her body and mind more used to him than she realized.

What time was it? She didn’t know any longer, her moments measured in when he fucked her and when he let her rest. Apparently her rest period was over.


The word broke off with a groan as he parted her ass cheeks with his thumbs and notched his cock to the ring of her ass. She wanted to squirm away, but her bindings held her firmly in place.

“‘Please fuck my ass?’ ‘Please give my poor pussy a break?'” He used the come coating his cock to start the slow stretch of her sphincter. “I know you want my dick in your ass.”

She shook her head, squeezing her eyes shut as he shoved deeper.

He wrapped a hand around her waist. She thought it was simply to prop her hips up, but for the first time he wanted something else from her.


Her voice hadn’t been that strong in days, but that refusal burst from her like a gunshot.

Laughter surrounded her. His thrusting slowed briefly, drawing her attention to his mouth pressed to her ear.

“I took you so you’re mine. You are mine and your body is mine.” He released her hip and a moment later she felt something nestle against her clit.

A buzzing rumble started low at first and then higher, teasing her clit awake. Her hips jerked as he started fucking her ass faster. Using her, making her just a hole for his come to go.

“Your pussy is mine, your ass is mine, your orgasms are mine. I want them and I’ll have them. I’ll take them until you give them on command. You’re here for my pleasure, little girl, learn to enjoy it.”

That steady buzz was as persistent as his words. He’d use her, fuck her, until she couldn’t take it anymore. And then he’d fuck her some more.

She came with that thought in her head and his cock buried firmly in her ass.

A photo of Cara’s butt with a blue gem butt plug in it in post titled Once More


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