Eager girls get fucked

Bimbo. You Bimbo. Blonde Bimbo

Not a nice term, eh?

When I’m trying to understand something, I love to look at the definition of it.

New Oxford American:

An attractive, but unintelligent or frivolous young woman


An attractive, but stupid woman

Dictionary.com goes along a similar vein:

An attractive, but stupid woman, especially one with loose morals.

A loose, dumb, pretty girl. A loose, dumb, pretty girl with a lovely smile and an empty head and an eager cunt.

We’ve reached the crux of the post, friends. I saw this topic in a tweet a few days ago by @Empress_Fi_ and wanted to chat on it.

So what is bimbofication?

To make a woman… Dumb. Loose. Eager.

The independent woman in me rebels all over this idea. Like, fuck you for even trying to imply I’m a bimbo! Some of it is rooted in a belief that a woman shouldn’t be loose or dumb. Not unless you’re really attractive and then trophy wife is a top of the tier position for you.

I’m not those things though. I’m college educated with two degrees and aspirations to one day obtain my PhD. I’m proud of the knowledge I possess on my field, and while I can’t speak to every thing, I know my shit. Come at me.

I’m definitely not a fast girl. What’s loose mean really? Outside of those societal constraints placed on women, who cares how many people I have or haven’t slept with? Taken in that light, this particular aspect matters not a whole lot in the scheme of things.

Still, there’s a connotation attached to being labeled “dumb blonde”, prettier than she is smart, or simple eye candy that doesn’t speak. For ogling not postulating on theories.

I find I don’t like the clinical term, but said in another way it tickles something in me.

Fuck. Toy.

That’s the wording that does it.

I am turned from a talented, educated, independent woman to to a hole with just a few words. Better, I’m a set of holes to be fucked.

Empty headed girl who just wants to please and is beyond eager to do so. An open mouth, cunt, ass and not a single complaint. I’m not being forced to be a good fuck doll, I want to.

In the right situation, this feels so good. I know this feels hella repetitive, but certain things do it for me and my lizard brain goes gaga. This has the same level of relinquishing control that usually checks my boxes.

Why think when you can be and obey? You want to get fucked, have your wet holes filled so why not submit to it? Yes

I’m reduced to a pretty… dumb… eager… desperate woman who smiles as come dribbles from the corner of her mouth and down her quivering thighs.

“You just want to obey, don’t you, kitten?”

So, bimbofication? Fuck doll? Empty-headed, eager girl?

Oh, yes. I find I desperately do want that. Yes, Daddy, I definitely do.


  1. Aku

    I think there are moments and things that people need. But it’s also about chance and choice, i.e:

    If someone chooses to be a Bimbo (or Himbo? I dunno) by being willfully ignorant ALL the time, that’s bad.
    If someone is genuinely not I.Q smart and not terribly bright (not being mean or elitist, it happens, not everyone is smart), and they are promiscuous either by choice or because they never learnt otherwise – it can be fine or bad depending on the situation. That’s just them.
    But there is a distinction with intelligent and aware people doing it. More so if its in a safe(ish) setting with someone who gets it. In its own way I see it as letting yourself go in a way you cannot in other parts of your life – like powerful people wanting to be whipped and ordered around by a Dom in private. Whether they see it or not, it feeds the part of them that gets sick of being the boss and needing to have answers and make decisions all the time. It’s freeing.
    Also, there is the animal part of us – the reptile brain you mention – that has needs and cravings and does react to certain things. This again, I think is a matter of a healthy outlet. Like a healthy Dom-Sub relationship might be fine, but there can be ones that push the envelope and are not healthy – it’s one thing to fantasize about them but actually crossing lines can get dangerous for both, because way I see it, wild animals sides are good but if you let it too free, it can come back to bite you.
    All things in moderation I say.

    So if someone has been forced to be ignorant and become a Bimbo, that’s bad.
    If you naturally are like that and happier that way, that’s fine I guess.
    If you choose to be knowingly, that’s neither good nor bad, that’s on you. So long as you’re happy and can balance both sides of you, good for you.

    Just my thoughts on it.

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      It’s all about choice. This dynamic/scenario is not okay if it’s forced (unless you like that aspect to be part of it).

      Even if only part of the things are true (a not so bright girl, but independent), as long as there is choice involved I’m not bothered. Everyone needs a chance to relax into whatever sexual dynamic works for them. We aren’t in each other’s bedrooms so it’s easy to wonder or question what people do. As long as they do it of their own free will, I’m cool with it

  2. Aku

    Also, by the way, I’m sure I’ve said it before, as have many others – but damn these brightly coloured mesh dresses… they suit you like nobodies business!
    Seriously, it approaches that “I want to tear it off” eye-popping hot but clashing with “but it looks too good to spoil, don’t touch!” kind of hot.

    1. Post

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