A Wider Spread

Molly and Cara in Michael's underwear with Michael in Molly's in the middle.

I admit I’m not necessarily a source of untapped creativity when it comes to ideas for photos. So when I was asked for pose options I drew a blank. The idea was to take a photo with all three of us in it to fit the humor theme for April.

DomSigns to the rescue!

It’s rare I get to laugh so much taking a photo, but there was a great deal of chuckling especially after I made an inadvertent work-related comment.

“Could you spread your legs wider?”

Molly, Michael, and Cara in underwear with Michael’s legs spread in A Wider Spread

Check out Molly’s and Michael’s photos for more of our lovely threesome.

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  1. Cub

    All three of these are lovely pictures, and they really give a sense of how relaxed and comfortable you all are together. Although I’m not sure this pose was too comfortable for Michael…

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