Remember Your Place

Morning rubs with Rita in a red blanket

Esa crossed her legs and straightened her skirt. Her smile was demure, but the look in her eyes was cold.

“You have to understand.” She stopped to take a sip of her drink, her lipstick leaving a light pink print on the rim. “I’ll tolerate a lot from you, but some things cross the line.”

Ty tried to look remorseful, and she was sure some part of him was, but the bulge of his cock in his trousers as he stood beside her spoke volumes.

“You bring this on yourself really.” Her cup made a loud clang as it landed back on the saucer.

“I just forget to tell them the rules is all, dear.”

He brushed a hand along her shoulder, his fingers touching skin. In spite of her irritation, his touch still made her heart skip and her pussy pulse with need. She didn’t swat him away, instead tilting her head just slightly so he can move his fingers higher.

“I think you purposely forget to tell them the rules just so I can punish them.”

His huff of laughter was enough.

“I think you get off on it.” She reached over to squeeze the erection that had grown in proportions.

A moan drew their attention to the bed. The woman lay face down, her lovely ass bruised to a purple color and filled with an enormous plug. Her eyes were blindfolded and her ears stopped with plugs, robbing her of sight and sound. The woman whimpered because a large fucking machine was working in and out of her cunt, too slow to give her the orgasm she obviously craved. The little vibe pressed against an engorged clit, keeping the poor girl on the edge.

Esa rose from her chair and crossed to where the cane lay propped against the wall. She tapped the wood against her shin and regarded her husband with censure.

“You want me to punish her for believing she could touch you without my permission.”

The cane fell with a sharp crack, the ripple of flesh almost mesmerizing to watch. The girl’s scream was muted by the gag in her mouth, the sound as satisfying as the fall of the implement. He almost pulled off shamefaced when confronted with someone else’s pain.

“Fuck whoever you want, my dear Ty, but remember you belong to me.”


Another crack cut off his words and he grimaced. Red lines stood in stark relief on her bottom and the poor girl writhed in the bed.

“They can play, but nothing more. Understand?”

“Got it.”

His eyes danced away, but despite his play at deference his cock hadn’t diminished one bit.

“Show me how much you understand.”

She reached over to rip off the girl’s blindfold. When it appeared she could focus on them, Esa lifted her skirt and beckoned him closer. When he was within touching distance, she pointed to the ground.

As he sank to his knees, Esa held the girl’s eyes.

Cara in bed, under a red blanket, in bed, petting Rita the tabby cat in post titled Remember Your Place


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