Molly May I

My visit is coming, my visit is coming! I’m going to talk about something that’s a key part of me going to see Dom.


I’m sure we’ve been clear on how DomSigns/Daddy/Michael and my relationship works. The thing I wanted to make clear was Molly is very present in all of it. She encouraged him to message me!

When I chat on Skype with him, Molly is almost always there and involved in our conversations. If I’m looking for insight into things, I get to hear her opinion, which I value, right alongside Michael’s.

I get an unrestricted look into Molly’s world. As she’s working, reading, getting a spank for wiping her glasses with her jumper. I’ve admired her for a long while and more so now that I “spend” time with her.

Molly is Wonder Woman.

She’s a firecracker when it comes to things she wants or believes in. For such a tiny woman, she’s a pit bull. I’ve seen her go at something and it’s almost awe inspiring.

Molly is also soo fun and funny. Listening to her interact with Michael can be entertaining. The man is full of puns and jokes and she does a great job of keeping up. Or reminding him how silly he is (he’s silly an awful lot).

She’s also beautiful, physically. I know she doesn’t always think so, but I think she’s beyond cute. She is also adorable.

One of the things I think everyone realizes is that Molly Moore is creative. Photography, writing, blogging, helping coordinate a conference. She makes magic.

She teaches her children to feel sex is totally normal (because it is). Raising kids and being sex positive with them, as well as online in the community. I admire her ability to talk frankly with her children about sex. I certainly didn’t, and still don’t, have that kind of ease with my mother and sex.

Why do I feel the need to toot Molly’s horn? Because I think she’s worthy of it. She’s amazing and many times I feel like she doesn’t realize how amazing she is to other people. She’s a pint-size powerhouse. I know she doesn’t feel like it. I want to be as awesome and brave, and I’m working on it.

So three cheers for Molly. Hip hip hooray!

Ps: I had her read this to make sure she was okay with it. She was very cute with how frowny she was about it.


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