Cane in action

Unedited, shortie. To help with the block.

He kissed her hard, biting her bottom lip before grasping her hair to yank her head back.

The way her eyes widened behind her glasses made him hard. He rubbed the growing bulge as he urged her to her knees. She locked on to his hand as it worked at his zipper, her eyes owlish behind the lenses. When he released himself, she moaned softly.

“Hands behind your back. If you move them, you know exactly what I’ll do.”

He watched the way her throat worked as she swallowed, her pupils dilating at the promise of pain if she disobeyed hit her. She went to removed her glasses first, but he batted her hand away.

“Did I tell you to take them off?”

“No, sir.”

The tremor in her voice made him painfully hard.

Her hands went behind her back and the fear twinged pleasure that reflected back behind her glasses was intoxicating. She knew not to move, knew he’d follow through and punish not just her bottom, but her breasts, too. He’d enjoy making her scream, and his cock thumped with the possibility of really hurting her.

He knew from the look in her eyes she was bound by fear now and wouldn’t move an inch. The restriction heightened his pleasure that much more.

Her lips parted and her tongue popped out. She was a very good girl.

As he wrapped a hand around the base of his cock, he grasped her chin.

“Maybe I’ll punish you anyway.” He smiled as her eyes grew larger behind the lenses. He stroked his cock, marveling at how hard he felt. “I want to hear you beg me to stop.”

He told her in explicit detail the way he’d hurt her, enjoying her fear as he jerked himself off. Each downward motion of his hand made his hips jerk forward, seeking her mouth, but denying them both the pleasure.

“Maybe I’ll stop hurting you if you beg real pretty.” He gave a long groan at the glisten of tears at the corner of her eyes. “Or maybe I won’t stop at all.”

Her whimper, the slow trek of a tear down her cheek, sent him right over the edge. He took perverse pleasure in the way his come mixed with the tears on her cheeks, and much deeper satisfaction in the way it covered her thick glasses.

He smeared the last drops over the lenses, sighing softly as the raw sexual energy leaked out of him.

She blinked up at him through the milky mess. “Will you hurt me now?”

The fear was tinged with such desire that his cock gave a jolt. He grabbed a hank of her hair and pulled hard enough to make her gasp.

“Ask me nicely and I will.”


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