#SoSS Post that Pop (and a goal or two)

A green alcoholic drink, freshly made on a chopping board with pestle beside in it, in post titled #SoSS

First #SoSS of the New Year!

I’ve made zero resolutions simply because I’m terrible at keeping them, but my hope is to try to do at least 2 of these a month. No pressure as Smut Marathon is coming and I’m hoping to write regular posts (and not just fiction) this year. A few other hopes/goals: keep up with my vanilla blog and more conscious healthy eating.

So, not resolutions because those don’t work. Goals and hopes and focused intentions.

But on to the true purpose of this post. Sharing the posts I’ve noted since before the new year.

Girl On The Net: Strap me to a table and give me as a gift

Such a sexy post. Being tied down, being offered, being used. Oh, there’s my boxes, thank you for rocking them.

MollysDailyKiss: Come From Behind

A very candid look at anal sex. She posts a photo with it that is beyond sexy. The whole piece is hot, but the last paragraph…

Being fucked in the arse is dirty and filthy and raw and so not what good girl do…. but if you make me, hold me down a little, whisper it will be OK into my ear as you pour lube onto my arse, tell you are going to do it no matter what I say so I might as well co-operate, or, that when I fight it I only make it feel better for you, use your body weight to pin me in place as you push your cock into my ass…. well then what choice do I have but to be a very dirty girl.


Lascivious Lucy: Working Late

Victoria discovers a lot on her dig. This series starts here and carries on as Victoria unearths something sexy that carries her across the world.

Nookyeverafter: Sinful Sunday: Freckles

Not only a look at accepting the things we fail to notice/love about ourselves, but noticing and reflecting on that beauty in others.

I think that’s maybe what we bring into other people’s lives, friends or lovers alike: we notice things, we see each other through different filters; we hold back up to the object of our affection the things we love about them, the funny things, the lovely things, the strange and random particular things, the wonder of all their pieces.

Those are just a few that caught my eye.

Don’t be shy sharing. 2017 was a trying year on many fronts, but we survived. Boosting other people, supporting each other remains pivotal in our continued well-being as a community. So share!

Happy Saturday, and as always, drinks on me

A green alcoholic drink, freshly made on a chopping board with pestle beside in it, in post titled #SoSS sharing


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  1. May More

    Great links Cars, I love participating in SoSS and hope more sex bloggers get involved – i feel i am part of a community and i bloody well like it 😉 x

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