The Deviance Curve

Cane landing on bare bottom

You’re a tease.

That flirty skirt was meant to draw me in, giving glimpses of your plump ass and juicy pussy.

You looked up at me with those big brown eyes, begging me to take hold of you. Not just take hold…

Your teasing makes me want to squeeze you, choke you, bruisehurtfuck you.

My hand around your throat and my gaze locked on yours as you take every inch of me. Your eyes watering, full of pleading as I fuck your throat. Your mouth uttering moans as I fill the ass you’ve teased me with full of my come.

Keep teasing, baby.

For every glance

Every glimpse of your skin

Every flash of your pussy in that short fucking dress

I’m planning how to own that body in ways you don’t understand yet. I’m planning to take what you’re offering, whether you realize you’re offering or not, and own it because teasing only ends one way with me, little girl.

With screams, with pleas, and a cunt full of my come.

So please keep teasing.

Cane landing on bare bottom in post title The Deviance Curve


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