Fingers twined 

Very short flash for the image in my head 

The warm breeze ruffled my hair and I lifted my face to let it caress my cheeks. A long summer day slipping slowly into a summer night had called us both outside. 

We took a path familiar to us both, muscle memory guiding us along as we walk with eyes nearly closed. 

I feel you beside me, your steps light and your warmth rivaling the summer heat to warm my side. Your body almost calls to me to touch some part of you, but I imagine you’re already too hot from our walk to want contact. 

You must read my mind though because from one step to the next I feel your fingertips brush my wrist. I almost stumble, but carry on as you twine our fingers and press your palm into mine. 

I slow, matching my steps to yours like I long to match the very beat of our hearts. 

“Lovely night, isn’t it?”


Better with your hand in mine. Far better. 


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