Haven’t done a prompt in forever so I’ll tackle 5SF

Prompt: Ache


In spite of her silence, the knock came again. Macy’s stomach twisted, fear and her too long ignored hunger gnawing her belly the closer she came to the door, to her fate. Throwing it open, she came face-to-face with her own sin, the old ache in her chest painful as she hung waiting. The mirror image of herself stood on her door step uttering the words she never thought she’d hear.

“Hello, mother.”


He brushed his lips along her cheek in a barely there caress that set her heart racing.

The hand at her thigh crept up, tugging her dress as it teased closer and closer to that spot where she pulsed with heat. Her eyes closed and her thighs spread beneath the table in wordless surrender.

His fingers barely brushed the seam of her panties, jolting her, before they moved away in spite of her softly whimpered pleas.

But this was his game, and she knew he’d make her wait until the ache was absolutely unbearable before he’d give her any relief.


  1. advizor54

    Both are tremendous, and completely different in tone and mood which makes me all the more impressed. I wrote a prompt based on this too, but it won’t post for a few days since it was in reaction to a real phone call from today. Thanks for the inspiration

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