Cara in a red dress, bent over so her bum shows

“Describe your meal to me, please.”

She stumbled mentally over Paul’s request, glancing down at her plate before looking across the table. His dark shades hide his unseeing eyes, but she knew from the little smile on his face that he was very aware of the reaction he’d caused asking this of her.

He held up a hand when she took a breath to speak. “Don’t tell me you can’t, Cara, you’ve read me your stories so I know your abilities.”

Oh, well that made her blush a bit. Cara contemplated where to start, her eyes scanning his face.

He’d started as a friend; someone she’d met at the library who needed a little help in the aisles. She wasn’t sure why she offered, but something about his sweet smile and kind face had prompted her to offer assistance. She’d seen him there many times after, sitting near and offering her help until the meetings became purposeful. She found herself inviting him out for tea and reading him her very erotic stories that she felt too embarrassed to read anyone else. He just made her feel comfortable and safe, that smile always in place. Her heart did a weird dance in her chest when she heard the click of his cane on the tile.

“I can smell beef.” He took a deep breath, blowing it out with a sigh. “Tell me about it.”

“We’re having a filet tonight…”

She paused, staring down at it and trying to find the words. This was much easier to write than to speak.

“The outside is seared a deep brown color with vertical marks from the grill. It’s very plump with juices running from it. They topped it with some goat cheese that looks creamy like it would melt in your mouth.”

She picked up her fork and knife, cutting into the middle. “Its medium rare, like I like it. That red that edges toward the color of coral or…”

Cara nearly said something erotic, but felt that was too intimate for such a setting. Paul was too perceptive to let her off the hook.

“Tell me, Cara.” His voice had deepened, pulling her eyes to his face.

His expression had changed from that easy smile to a look that made her shift in her seat.

“It…” she swallowed, suddenly very warm in the cool restaurant. “It looks the color of an aroused pussy. Just imagine parting the flesh, opening her lips and seeing the deep pink color.”

He’d lost his vision later in life so she knew had an excellent recollection of such things. The way his lips parted, a light flush appearing on his high cheeks, made her all to aware of her attraction to him.

“And would it be as juicy as a pretty pussy when I tasted it, Cara?”

“I wouldn’t know, Paul.” She squeaked.

She watched him cut a small piece, taking a bit and savoring the taste with a moan that made her swallow hard.

“Mm, yes, I believe it is.” He licked his lips in the most obscene way. Or so it seemed to her suddenly overheated mind.

That had her squirming more. God, this was getting a little hotter than an innocent dinner should be allowed.

“And, uh, there’s the vibrant green asparagus. They’re rather fat and round and long…”

Cara dropped her fork and knife, scooting back from the table fast enough to rattle their water.

“I think I’m going to pop off to the bathroom. Back in a jiff.”

Cara had seen his quick reflexes in action, but it still surprised her to feel his hand around her wrist.

“You’re not allowed to run away, Cara.”

He may not see her, but Cara felt seen by him in the way he seemed intent upon her. It was in the way his fingers moved along the pulse at her wrist.

“I thought we were too close for hiding.”

“Well.” She licked her dry lips and took a steadying breath. “We are, Paul. Close, I mean. I just…”

The gentle circle of his fingers was unnerving her. She wanted to feel his hands moving along all her skin as he learned her form. He’d treat her with a reverence she’d never felt in her life. Her face grew hot as she imagined being under him.

“It’s okay, love.” He linked their hands, that smile she loved back on his face. “No need to be shy with me. Ever.”

His tugged a bit until she relaxed into the touch.

“Once we’ve finished, I’ll order dessert, and I want you to describe the touch, taste, and sight of what we get. And Cara?”

Her eyes were fixed on his lips. She lifted her gaze to his darkened glasses. “Yes, Paul?”

“Please, don’t leave any detail out.”


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