Come to me 

Cara naked with a towel wrapped around her waist

“Will you be a good kitten and follow directions?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m your good kitten always.”

He chuckled. “Even when you’re sassy?”

“Especially when I’m sassy, Daddy.” She smiled up at him, batting her eyelashes.

His hand stroked down the line of her naked back, pulling a hum of satisfaction from her. Her hips wiggled and her eyes closed at the pleasure his touch inspired. She wanted to drop to all fours and present her bottom to him, but she settled for leaning into his leg to silently beg for more caresses.

“Show me what a good kitty you are today. Go get your tail and ears.”

She left the living room, eager for what she knew was coming. She settled her ears on as soon as she found them, delighting in the jingle of the bells. Once they were on she barely felt them, but they seemed to change her whole mindset. She was her Daddy’s little kitty and wanted to purr for him. Desire uncoiled slowly in her belly and her cunt tingled.

Holding the tail in her hand, she practically skipped back to the living room. He was seated in the big chair watching the door for her arrival.

She made to move into the room, but he stopped her with a look. “Is that how kittens come to their daddies?”

“Oh! No, Daddy, kittens crawl.”

Her heart raced a little as she dropped to her hands and knees. She held his eyes for just a second, watching as they flared hot. She knew how she looked to him with her pretty ears on, her breasts bare, and her bottom raised. She placed the tail in her mouth and crawled slowly across the floor to her Daddy.

When she reached him, she waited with her chin up, her tail presented for him to take when he was ready.

He did take it after a few moments of just gazing down at her, laying the tail across his lap before caressing her ears.

“Are you my pretty little kitty?” His voice seemed to zip right though her, going to her clit.

“Yes, Daddy.” She lifted her head as he touched her cheek.

“And is my pretty little kitty wet for me?”

She pressed her thighs together, her cunt lips slippery. She nodded, unable to talk.

“On my lap, kitten. Let me see if my kitty is wet for me.”

She scrambled up, uncaring if she was graceless as she lay herself across his lap. He settled her where he wanted her, tipping her bottom up higher so she had to brace more on the floor.

He didn’t touch immediately, his fingers simply trailing down her back. It was a tease, and she groaned at the touched. She needed him lower, but couldn’t arch high enough.

His chuckle made her squirm a bit. “Patience, kitten.”

Finally he touched her, grazing her lips and making her moan. Then he was pushing two fingers into her cunt. She felt the plug at her hole, but could only focus on his fingers inside her.

“Push out.”

She couldn’t seem to understand him, but her body got the memo, opening to accept the broad head of the plug. It settled deeper as three fingers pressed into her cunt to stretch her wide.

“Daddy,” she cried. “Please.”

“Does kitten want to come?”

“Please, Daddy. May I come?” She begged.

“Oh I’d very much like for you to come, kitten.”

She felt it from her belly as it unfurled. Her body clenched around plug and fingers as she cried out. She babbled her thanks, happy to be over his lap.

“Good, kitten.” He stroked her back as she relaxed.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered.

“Will you crawl for me, kitten? Show me your pretty tail.”

She nodded, moving slowly off his lap to drop back to all fours. She moved for him, making sure her bottom swayed. She was his pretty little kitty, there for her Daddy’s  pleasure.
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  1. Elliott

    Daddy/Kitten are becoming more three dimensional as their story continues. Kitten is a bit of a naughty girl and methinks Daddy may have to be a little more stern. But then seeing her tail sway is probably worth it indulging the girl.

    I wonder what kind of tail Kitten’s alter ego would like to have? Fox, Bunny or Cat. Oh silly me, of course the cat.

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      Cara Thereon

      Oh Daddy is plenty stern don’t let this fool you. And she’d wear a cat tail though a fox would do nicely also

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  2. Molly

    This makes me want to go and find my tail. I love the way you describe her crawling at the end too, I can just picture how damn sexy that would look


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