Little lady

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This took on a life of its own. Runaway story alert  

He’d called me that from the day I moved in at nine until today even though I was no longer little or home with any regularity.

The older man had aged so gracefully in the twenty years he’d lived next door to my family. His salt and pepper hair had since transitioned to the dignified white of an elder, but his face remained unlined and his body unbelievably hard for someone far into his sixties. Lots of yard work over the years had turned his skin a baked brown color that made his teeth shine white when he smiled at me across our shared lawn space.

My attraction to him had morphed over the years. I’d loved how friendly he was when we first moved in the neighborhood. I was young and fatherless so the then forty something man next door was a pleasant male face that asked after me daily.

“Well, how you doing, little lady?” He’d stop mowing the lawn and step a little closer, his face lighting with interest.

“Playing out in the sunshine, Mr. B!”

I’d show him my game and chatter until he had to get back to work.

Gradually it changed. As I matured, so did my awareness of him. He’d still call me little lady and wave me down, but I’d notice his the way his eyes lingered over my legs or my breasts the older I got.

I’m home for a brief visit. Appeasing my family by stopping in and doing some cleaning of the stuff I’d accumulated in the basement.

“Little lady.”

I’d stepped out to set the trash can by the curb and encounter him leaning on his rake by his garage. His smile is warm and bright in the early morning light, jolting me just a little with that weird attraction I feel for him.

“Hey, Mr. B. How you been?” I walk closer to him so I’m not screaming across the yard. “Mom said you’d been sick recently.”

He gave a grimace and rubbed the back of his neck before chuckling softly. “Just a little heart trouble.”

I raise an eye town knowing a ‘little heart trouble’ probably wasn’t a minor thing. “Shouldn’t you be resting then?”

That bashful expression changes to a smirk. “I’m right as rain, baby girl. Nothing a little outside work won’t fix.”

Hearing him call me baby girl sent a bolt of hot lust through me. I shifted where I stood, struggling to ignore the rub of my panties against my suddenly swollen clit. I kept the lust off my face, raising two brows at him instead.

“Mr. B, do I have to tell your wife you’re out here being bad?”

That made him toss his head back and laugh. I shifted again acutely aware of the way my panties dampened.

His eyes sparkled when he finally met her face. “If I promise to go inside and rest, do you promise not to tell me wife? I’ll even invite you in for some sweet tea to sweeten the deal.”

I had a literal shit ton of things I had to do today, but I couldn’t pass up his offer. My body was moving toward him well before my mouth gave the necessary consent.

Following him inside the cool darkness, I realized this was the first time I’d ever been in his house. Everything had the touches typical of an older couples house. Heavy floral curtains, weathered leather coaches that dominated one corner of the wood-paneled living room, a curio cabinet filled with patterned dishwater.

On the heels of realizing this was the first time in the house came the realization that I really shouldn’t have come in. My gut clenched not because I felt in danger but because if I stayed, I knew exactly what would happen if I did. Before I conjure the words to extract myself from the situation, he was handing me a cold glass of tea.

“Have a seat.” He placed a hand on the small of my back and guided me to the couch.

“Maybe I should drink and run…”

In spite of my weak protests, I let me lead me to the couch. He sat in the love seat just beside me so we were close enough that his knee brushed mine. We sat in silence, sipping our drinks. I could feel his eyes on me, glancing over the rim of his glass, but tried to behave.

“You’ve grown up.”

The husky tone drew my eyes to his. Blue, they were a blue so dark they looked black. I licked my lips and looked away.

“It was bound to happen.” I forced a chuckle. “Much to my mother’s dismay.”

“You’ve gotten quite beautiful, baby girl.”

Oh, God. I couldn’t handle him calling me that. Little lady was sweet and neutral. Baby girl? That played on every fantasy I had surrounding this man. My clit pulsed now and I was close to making bad decisions.

I took a big gulp of my tea before sitting the glass down on the coffee table. A hot flush was causing sweat to bead on my skin and I needed that swig to cool me down.

“Thanks for the tea, Mr. B. Glad I got to see ya while I was in.” I was to my feet in one smooth motion, keeping my eyes trained on the door and doing the right thing.

A strong, warm hand snagged my wrist before I could clear the table. “Did I say something to upset you?”

I turned to face him, pulled closer by the tug of his hand until my shins touched his knees. Staring down into his dark blues flustered me.

“Of course not!” I waved my free hand around helplessly. “I just don’t want to tax you.”

“You haven’t taxed me yet.” The way he said it, his eyes holding me shouted the exact meaning of his words.

He rose to his feet so we were touching, my chest to his and our legs nearly entwined. His breath breezed over my lips and I trembled just a little. When I felt the hard bulge tenting his jeans, pressing to my waist, I knew I was so fucked.

So bent over this old leather couch, his cock in my cunt, fucked.

He leaned into me, the hand at my wrist reaching to hold my waist now. “I’ve seen you looking when I’m out working shirtless. Every time you’re home I find a reason to strip down because I know you’ll be there watching.”

“Oh, God.”

I thought I was sneaky, but apparently not as sneaky as I believed. I swallowed and tried to get my brain to switch back on.

“Come on, little lady.” His other hand went to my nape. “Tell me what you do after you watch me work.”

My mouth went dry. I’d lay in the bed, trying desperately to keep my cries quiet as I rode my hand with thoughts of sucking his cock on my mind.

“Oh, I think I have an idea what you do. Naughty little girl.” He released my waist and placed his hand right against the seam of my damp shorts. He pressed the heel of his hand to my clit and I let out a breathy moan.

“Mr. B…” I licked my too dry lips, ashamed at how much my voice wobbled

“I know, and I think it’s important for little girls to confess so they feel better, don’t you.” He pressed harder and I swayed into him.

Fuck me. I squeezed my eyes shut, letting my legs spread a little wider as he touched me. He chuckled and rubbed my neck.

“Do you know how girls confess in this house?”

My eyes fluttered open to met his. I had no idea as long as it involved him touching me like he was right then.

“On their knees, baby girl.” He pressed and I went down willingly before him. “With open mouths.”

He tapped my chin and I opened just as easily. I waited there before him, watching in a daze of lust as he released the button on his jeans and lowered the zipper. There was the flash of white before his cock was out for view. He wasn’t overwhelmingly large, but I wanted him between my lips so bad I could feel the saliva pooling.

“Stick out your tongue.” The moment I did he placed the head on the tip. “Perfect. Don’t move.”

His eyes held me in place as he slid along my tongue and into my mouth. Deeper and deeper until he touched my throat. I practically vibrated with need.

“Do you want to suck?” He buried his hand in my hair.

I nodded careful not to dislodge him from my mouth.

“Then be a good girl.”

He didn’t even need to continue. My mouth closed around him and I savored my favorite mistake.


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