Caught 10ish

His cock hardened to its full length and settled between her thighs. She slung her leg over his, opening her body to his advances. Her finger continued its caress, pressing and dipping lightly, causing him to thrust forward just a little with each pass. Moving her mouth along his chest and neck, Gazelle memorized his taste and smell. He tasted of spice, salt, and strong man; her body hummed as she breathed in his unique musk.

“You’re avoiding the conversation,” he moaned as her mouth latched on to his erect nipple. His hips bucked when she bit down on the pebbled flesh, his cock bumping her clit and sending delicious sensations through her. “What are you so afraid to talk about, Gazelle?” The husky sound of his voice made her smile.

“Nothing,” she breathed out. “I just want to taste and touch you, Hunter. I just want to be in this moment with you.” There was no hiding the tremor in her voice so she swirled her tongue around his nipple, hoping to distract them both from the emotions brimming up inside of her. “Please.” Her lips trailed across his chest to capture his other nipple; her fingertip breached the crinkle of his anus and swirled around.

“Gazelle,” he gasped, his hands gripping her hip reflexively. Every ounce of her fatigue melted away as she focused her attention on his body, as she loved him with mouth and hands. Gazelle pressed, feeling a perverse satisfaction as the ring of muscle gave way allowing her finger deeper, his tortured groan empowering. She gave his nipple another playful bit before kissing down his to his stomach. The faint trail of hair tickled her lips, the muscles contracting as she teased his skin with her teeth.

When her gaze drew level with his engorged cock, her breath almost left her. The shaft was thick and pulsing, standing tall, pre-cum leaking from the red head. Licking her lips, she leaned forward and engulfed the tip in her mouth. His hips bucked, but he was trapped between her questing finger and hot mouth. She continued the push and swirl between his firm cheeks, her mouth moving further down his cock, swallowing him whole. The satiny texture of his skin as her tongue slid over him intoxicated her, the steely feel of the flesh beneath sent hot arousal shooting between her thighs.

While she’d felt arousal tending to those men during the games, there was nothing better than the taste of Hunter. Servicing him in this way, pleasing him with any part of her body, filled her with excitement. Her pussy throbbed with need, but she wanted to give to him. She felt an undeniable hunger for him that no one else could satisfy, and she found herself bobbing along his rigid flesh desperate for him.

The tension running along his body and his grunts as she continued to bob along his length sent raw power through her. The frantic jerking of his hips told her how close he was to the edge and she wanted to push him over it.

“Stop,” he gritted out. “I want to come in my pussy.”

He pulled hard at her hair causing her to cry out in painful surprise. She was hauled back up and flipped on her back before she could utter a protest. He slid one finger along her wet slit before lining up the bulbous head of his cock and driving home.

A hard pace was set as he thrust inside of her. His mouth bruised hers, as he possessed her body with a frenzy that stole her breath. He moved his lips away and buried his mouth in her neck, his breath scolding as he rode her. The friction was exquisite, every thrust filling her with a pleasure that wanted to overwhelm her senses. She felt invaded and possessed. Conquered.

“This is my pussy,” he said, each word punctuated with an advance that propelled her forward. “Mine to tease, taste, and fill with my cum. Say it.”

Gazelle was so lost in her own pleasure, her hips slamming against his to find her release, that she didn’t hear his question. Hunter jerked her face around, forcing her to stare into his eyes. A wild look made him seem dark and untamed. His blue eyes were the color of midnight as they held her gaze.

“Whom does this pussy belong to?” His question cut through her sexual haze. “Tell me, Elle.”

Her body clenched at the softly spoken command. His frantic pace hadn’t abated; he drove deeper, touching her womb with his advances. Her mind was too fuzzy to examine her words before she said them.

“You, Master. Only you.”

Hunter stared at her for a long moment before he captured her lips again. This kiss held was full of tenderness that nearly brought her to tears, his lips so soft and seeking on hers. He explored her mouth, his tongue sliding in and out, tasting her. Gazelle couldn’t help opening up to him, allowing him to take the lead on the kiss that threatened to rock her world. As it was, she clung to his body.

The rhythm of his thrusts changed. He slowed, the crown touching her g-spot with each slide until she found herself spasming hard around him. Her eyes stayed open, watching the look in his eyes as he reached for his own completion. Hunter’s face was the picture of supreme pleasure, the twist of his mouth and the tension of his eyes lovely as she let him find his relief. The beautiful heat of his cum as it flooded her body, as he bathed her with his essence, triggered smaller explosion inside of her.

He lay panting on top of her; his body heavy, but she welcomed the weight of him. Gazelle wanted to hold him inside of her, just like this, for the rest of her life. She opened her mouth to tell him how she felt, but closed it without saying a word. Some stupid part of her wanted to hear the words from him first and she didn’t think she would. Her heart gave a painful squeeze as she realized how deeply he’d affected her.

She felt stupid for allowing him to steal her heart after so little time, but came back to the fact that she’d always been in love with him. It was fear and pride that made her run from him the first time. Now that those things were stripped from her, now that the only thing she had left was her feelings, she was naked before him and love had finally revealed itself. Gazelle knew she had to walk away again; that was the only choice she had left.

Sadness threatened to choke her, but she pushed it away. She let her hand smooth down his bronzed back as his breathing evened out. Their bodies remained connected and she savored the feel of him, as he lay soft inside of her. She’d hold him for as long as she could.




They’d managed to sleep until late in the evening. When he’d woken to find himself still buried deep in her body, Hunter couldn’t resist taking her again. Urgency existed between them that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. Even as Gazelle climaxed beneath him, he could feel the sadness touching her. It sparked something that made him uncomfortable. He wasn’t used to being out of control and all of his senses told him that he had no control over Gazelle. He needed to put his plan into action.

He sent her off to shower; reluctance to let her out of his sight even for a moment had him hesitating when she asked him to join her. “I’ve got a few things to take care of. I’ll send up some dinner and come back for you later.”

The fact that she’d simply tossed him a sleepy smile before she’d disappeared into the bathroom astonished him. The curve of her back and her full ass swaying stayed in his mind’s eye as he went in search of Luke. Hunter had a few guesses as to where the man could be, and after checking the kitchen, he located the darker man in the pool.

Decorated in tones of yellow and blue, the large tiled room with its stylish white loungers tended to be the place that tended to draw people when he held his parties. The lone presence of Luke doing laps in the crystal clear water would’ve been odd if Hunter didn’t know how much Luke valued his personal space. Hunter perched on the edge of a lounger and waited patiently while the man stroked up and own the length of the pool.

He was taking a risk going to his friend for help in this way. Muscles in his jaw clenched as he contemplated what he planned. He wanted Gazelle at his side for longer than a weekend and he knew Luke could help him keep her with him. It required asking Luke to know her on a much more intimate level.

Hunter knew he was being juvenile wanting every part of her to himself, but there those feelings were. She was his, all his, and sharing her, even to keep her, rubbed him wrong. The fact that he had this reaction spoke volumes and he realized denying how he felt seemed ridiculous. He pushed his hands through his hair, the truth plain to him.

Water splashed across his face, jolting him out of his thoughts. Luke stood over him, toweling his hair off, his customary smirk on his face. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

Ignoring his comment, Hunter stood up so they were toe to toe. He looked Luke right in the eye. “I need your help.”

“You’ve got it. Just give me the details and I’ll do it.” Luke tossed his towel at him and walked over to a glass table where he pulled on a white t-shirt. He ruffled his wet hair, sending more water flying.

“You don’t even know what it’s about,” Hunter called after him, angry with both of them for some unknown reason. He blew out a frustrated breath, his emotions flying out of control.

Luke tossed an exasperated look over his shoulder. “I’ve known you for a long time, Hunter, I know whatever you’re about to ask me has to do with Gazelle.”

“I love her, Luke,” he blurted out. Looking away, he swallowed down the lump in his throat. “I love her and I don’t her to get away like she did the last time.”

He turned back to find Luke with his hip propped on the table. If he expected to see surprise, Hunter was disappointed. If anything, Luke’s usual smirk was absent, replaced by a look of longing so acute Hunter almost looked away again. “I know you love her. I know you’re worried I’m a threat to that.”

Hunter pushed a hand through his hair, embarrassed he could be seen so easily. “Luke—“

A simple shrug stopped his words. “I understand, Hunter.” Luke pushed away from the table and walked back toward him. “Contrary to what you think, I’d never poach no matter how tempting. Like I said, whatever you need me to do, I’ll do it.”

Hunter searched his face for a long time before he nodded. Something unknotted inside of his chest and he felt a little bit of hope blossom. “I’ll owe you one, man.”

The longing gone from his face, Luke gave him a devilish smile. “Oh, I have a feeling I’ll enjoy whatever it is you have me doing.”

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