Caught 7

Chapter 7

It was a light knock at the door that drew her from sleep the next morning. Gazelle almost didn’t acknowledge it, her mind too determined to hang on to the last threads of her dream. A sleepy smile spread across her face as she languished in it.

When the knock grew more persistent, she rolled to her back and stared around the room. Her hands drifted behind her to brush along the cool beside her. She felt a twinge of sadness, but pushed it aside.

Feeling sleep mussed and lazy from last night’s romp, she wished suddenly for a hot bath and some breakfast as opposed to having to address whoever stood outside door. That probably wouldn’t be polite so she called out, “Come in.”

She went into to stretch just as the door opened, unaware of how the sheet slipped down to reveal her breasts. The kinks popped out of her back just as a seductive laugh rippled across the room. “Ah, I was wondering if I’d get to see those lovely nipples again this weekend.”

Gazelle’s eyes popped open to find Luke standing by the doorway, a smirk on his face as he stared openly at her chest. She pulled the sheet up and shot him a glare. “What do you want?”

Luke smiled a little wider. His causal shrug did nothing to lessen the heated lust she felt as he prowled across the room to her. He didn’t stop at the edge of the bed like she expected. No, he climbed in beside of her, startling a gasp from her.

The same attraction lingered between them. While it was stronger with Hunter, so strong it scared her; it existed just the same with Luke. Something tightened low in her belly as she remembered having him in her mouth last night. She snuggled under the blanket trying to keep covered, needing some barrier between them. He laughed that rich sound that sent a shiver down her spine.

He reached over to sweep a piece of hair from her face. “Now, I almost feel like you’re scared of me, sweet Gazelle, but that can’t be right.” He trailed his finger down her cheek.

She brushed his hand aside determined not to allow his easy banter to draw her in. Crossing her arms over her chest, she leveled him with a look. “What do you want, Luke?”

“Oh, yes, I do see why Hunter can’t get enough of you.” He propped himself up on the headboard, his eyes sparkling with mischief. “Your majesty has requested your presence in the kitchen to break your fast.”

Irritation flashed in her mind. “Why didn’t he just come get me himself?” She couldn’t help huffing.

“He’s busy entertaining… Guests.” He didn’t lose that sparkle and Gazelle got the distinct impression that he was teasing her.

The way he said guest had her narrowing her eyes. She grit her teeth together unable to shake the idea that she knew exactly who his ‘guest’ was. That insane jealousy she’d fought off last night came roaring back.

Tossing back the covers, Gazelle surged to her feet not caring if Luke saw her naked. He’d gotten an uninhibited glimpse of her body already so her modesty seemed useless. She turned toward a seemingly relaxed Luke. “Tell him that I’m not hungry. I’m going to go take a shower; feel free to let yourself out.”

“Guess that’s not an invitation to join you, huh? Next time then.” Hunter let his eyes run over his body before he lifted his gaze to her and winked.

She flipped him off and stalked into the bathroom, his laughter trailing her out of the room.




Hunter tapped his fork on the table, his eyes trailing to the dining room door. Eggs Benedict and Canadian ham sat untouched on his plate as he waited. Guests forgotten with his food, he couldn’t control his roiling thoughts as he waited with a large degree of irritation. Where the hell were they?

The fact that Luke had jumped at the chance to slip into his room and retrieve Gazelle hadn’t escaped his notice. Nor did he miss the lust that was evident in the dark haired man’s eyes at the mentioned of her name. He tried to squash his anger at the amount of time having elapsed since Luke left.

A scratch up his arm drew his thoughts away from his murderous thoughts. He bit back the frustrated growl that longed to slip out and turned to the luscious redhead beside him. Veronica’s pouty lips the same color as her bright hair tipped in a flirtatious smile. If it weren’t for the calculating look in her green eyes, Hunter would’ve felt a spike of arousal for her.

The petite woman had swathed her voluptuous body in a light blue silk dress that he knew only fell to mid thigh. He also knew from the way her nipples jutted hard against the fabric that she was sans bra; it didn’t take much imagination to assume that she’d neglected to don panties that morning as well.   The woman liked to do more than just tease when she put her clothing on and this morning she looked delicious. His cock stirred just a little at the way she flashed her deep cleavage. That brought a wave of guilt and he forced his eyes away from temptation.

Veronica was a shark and his business associate. He never mixed business and pleasure, and he knew she’d play hard. Even if he didn’t want Gazelle with every fiber of his being, he wouldn’t touch Veronica. Not that they hadn’t investigated the possibility in the past, but he’d learned that it was better to do his exploration outside of the boardroom.

“Hunter,” she breathed out in that smoky voice of hers, “have you taken in consideration my suggestions for today’s activities.”

Her nails dug slightly into his arm and his smile turned to a grimace. Hunter flicked another glance to the doorway before giving her his attention again. “I’m not sure slave games is an idea that the guests will appreciate.”

“Of course they are. You already have willing volunteers with all the help you hired. All you would need to do is turn it into a betting game.” Her eyes flashed. She removed her hand from his arm and trailed it along the slope of her exposed breast. “I’m sure Luke would be more than willing to put a little money down and win a willing supplicant.”

The scrape of the chair beside of him drew his eyes to the left. Luke sat with his customary smile on his face. “Only if that supplicant is you, Veronica.”

“Where is Gazelle?” Hunter clenched his fists, barely resisting the urge to shake his friend. “I thought you were going to get her.”

Luke that spread across his face was enough to set the blood in his veins to an angry boil. If he didn’t value his friendship so damn much, Hunter would send the man off. Luke knew that too from the mischief in his eyes. “When I left, she was strutting across the room without a stitch on, talking about a bath. I offered to join her, but she signaled that she’d rather be alone.”

Hunter’s knew his smile was tinged with cold malice, but kept it there just the same. “Keep your hands to yourself, you lecherous bastard.”

That sent black eye brows skyward. A different kind of look crossed Luke’s face. “It takes one, to know one. Someone is feeling very proprietary after last night.”

Hunter closed his eyes, savoring the visions of him laying Luke out on the dining room floor. The man couldn’t be more right though. Watching Gazelle’s lips around another man ranked high on erotic moments. While he’d planned on using every opportunity to reel his skittish doe in, he hadn’t counted on his feeling raging out of control. He and Luke shared women regularly, but something about the look of lust in his friend’s eyes chafed in a way it never had before.

The challenging look on Luke’s face when he opened his eyes made him bristle, but he held it in check. After a moment, Luke gave a shrug, the tense moment evaporating. “Look man, I won’t poach in your territory, but know that if you need help I’m willing.” They held gazes and a silent message passed between them. If Hunter didn’t snag her, Luke wouldn’t hesitate to step in.

He nodded at that unspoken truth, knowing he’d do his damnedest to keep Gazelle. He also knew without a doubt that Luke would help anyway he could if he asked. Their friendship ran deeper than lust and they both knew it.

“And who is Gazelle?” Veronica leaned forward, giving Luke and uninhibited glance down her top. The man leered openly in her direction, causing a flicker of a smile to tip her lips.

“My guest,” he replied firmly, but in a way that screamed noncommittal. Not out of guilty conscience, but because he didn’t want Veronica putting her nose in where it didn’t belong.

A predatory light flashed in her eyes. She stretched up in her seat, the front of her dress tightening over her lush breasts and drawing every eye in the room. “A guest, huh? Perhaps I should go meet her and see what she has to offer.”

Hunter clamped an arm around her wrist. “Leave it alone, Veronica.” A wealth of warning leaked into his voice. “Don’t try anything.”

It was the wrong thing to say to the redhead. The look in her eye set off bells in his head; she could be dangerous if she wanted to be. He tightened his hand around her arm, but she simply perched in her chair a look of innocence on her face. Hunter didn’t trust her. The woman had a ruthless streak as long as his arm.

“We can play some of your games this afternoon, but you’re organizing them.” He expected her to see through his obvious ploy, but the innocent look remained in place.

He didn’t trust her, but he didn’t have much of a choice at the moment. Everything in him wanted to race back upstairs and pull Gazelle back into bed. He had a party to run and guests to see to first. Soon, he promised as he brought a forkful of ham to his lips.

“Excellent.” She turned emerald colored eyes on Luke. “And I know just who I want my slave to be.”


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      1. Aku

        Heh, don’t worry about it – I almost never edit the drafts of short stories on my own blog! 😀
        If I’m lucky, a super-quick read-through before I post.

  1. Aku

    Interesting change of pace and definitely adds a dimension and depth to an otherwise good but mostly eroticism-centred narrative.
    I would like to not however that for now – to keep in mind for future installments – my only notes to you would be that (a) Hunters character seems a little… unclear somehow, can’t say, more like you’re trying to get into him and not have him be this ultra-unshakeable alpha (which is good) but it’s a little too on the nose at the moment somehow? maybe it’s just me. (b) Veronica… she’s definitely an interesting character in the mix in some respects, largely as a domineering/alpha female in an otherwise alpha-male dominated situation between Hunter and Luke, BUT, be careful of making her too much of a cliched femme fatale and maybe give her a little more nuance – unless pure femme fatale is what you are going for in which case never mind.
    Also, occurs to me that you refer to guests in this a lot at the breakfast, but it seems like there’s just 3 of them – maybe the odd throwaway reference to others around them or in the room at a different table or out on a patio/balcony while Hunter/Veronica are at an island table or some such inside the dining room/pantry/kitchen/whatever.
    Hope that helps and you don’t mind – I like your writing and I thought it might help you as you build forward on this story.

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