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I’ve been away from MM for way too long. Since it’s Masturbation Month, I figured I’d jump back in the game. The sexy gif helps…

The second he called me fat, I smacked him so hard I heard his teeth rattle. The shock of my actions stirred a molten anger that sent me marching from the bar like a chunkier version of a valkyrie princess. Most of my anger was directed at myself for letting a few useless words get to me. Again.

I was more upset that I’d liked him a lot just before he said that word. He reduced me to the teenage girl crying in the fucking bathroom at school in seconds and it ate at me. Sticks and stones, my plentiful ass. 

I made it as far as my car before he stopped me with a firm hand on my shoulder. He had the sense to take a step back when I rounded on him. Smart man. Hands held up, the corner of his mouth tilted when he saw the fury on my face. Lust burned in his eyes as he scanned my body so I crossed my arms over my chest, not giving a shit how I looked to him. His eyes locked on to my chest before rising to meet my glare.

“Hold up,” he took a step closer when I didn’t swing on him. “What did you run off for?”

I rolled my eyes. “Are you fucking kidding me? You’re obviously dumber than you look if you’re asking that question. You know what? I’m not wasting my time on another douche with zero respect for me.”

That was it for me and I figured he’d take the hint and move along. I’m never letting Cassidy set me up on a blind date again.

He stopped me from opening my door, his front pressing to my back. I wasn’t trapped, but the way his body molded around mine made my breath catch. A shiver worked its way down my spine at his closeness, my earlier attraction to him flaring up at the feel of his hard body pressing into the softness of mine.

His lips brushed my ear. “Did you hear what I actually said or just the word I used?”

I squirmed, the hard bar of his cock nestling further into my ass with each wiggle. I tried to recall what exactly he’d said, but my brain wasn’t working well for some odd reason. I shook my head to clear the fog of lust. 

“Listen,” I started, slightly miffed at the husky sound of my voice.

“No, I think you need to listen.” His lips trailed along my cheek, grazing my ear. My head fell forward and I moaned softly when he pressed a kiss just behind. I shivered.

“I’m not just some guy out to fuck you and then fuck you over. I do want to fuck you though.” He wrapped an arm around my waist, holding me to him. “You’re exactly the kind of girl I love, all curves and ample flesh that I can sink into. I like fat even if you hate that word.”

He nipped my ear and my back arched. His groan when my ass pressed into his hips gave me such feminine satisfaction I that moaned in response. When his hand dropped to my thigh, I spread my legs, holding my breath. Goosebumps popped up along my skin as his hand climbed up under my skirt. 

“I’m going to take you home, strip you out of this dress that’s been tempting me all damn night, sink my fingers into your wet cunt, and watch you writhe. And then when you’ve cum, I’m going to flip you over and fuck your fat ass hard from behind until you scream my name as you gush all over my cock.”

His fingers barely grazed the edge of my thigh and I was ready for him. A few inches over and he’d find the crouch of my panties drenched from the image of my body quaking beneath him. Oh God, please touch me. 

The man had to be a mind reader. He cupped me, rubbing his fingers hard between my lips, pinching my clit until I moaned his name softly. My pride be damned, I wanted exactly what he could give me.

Right this minute.  


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  1. Kayla Lords

    Here’s one of the many things I love about you. In one piece, I’m tearing up because I remember those awful feelings too well from back in the day and hating that god awful word “fat” and the next, I’m ready to grind my pelvis against something, anything because you’ve turned the heat back up and I want both she and I to get exactly what he’s offering. Very nice…and welcome back! πŸ™‚

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      Cara Thereon

      I considered reposting another story id written with a similar theme, but this one flowed out instead. I appreciate the inspiration! You lured me back.

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