Caught (5:1)

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Tossing back the covers, Gazelle climbed to her feet. Her body gave a twinge sending a rush of heat through her body as she realized what caused it. In spite of herself, and her multiple misgivings, she smiled. He still knew how to turn her body into mush.

She felt for the lamp beside the bed before turning it on. The search for her dress took a little longer than she thought as it had been hung up in the wardrobe. Gazelle tried not to think about how considerate of Hunter that was. Feelings like that made keeping her distance that much harder.

It was bright, but quiet out in the hallway. The room across stood open and vacant. Having no clue what time it was, she assumed that the party had wound down. When she reached the steps, she realized that tempo of the music had changed to a less driving beat. Something slow and sensual filled the lower level and she hesitated for a moment before descending the stairs.

No one was present near the landing. Following the music, Gazelle entered the large room from before and searched for Hunter. The sound of a low moan drew her eyes to the right. After some searching in the dim light, she figured out what the source of the moans of pleasure. A woman wearing only heels and pick-ups lay with her legs stuck up in a vee on a couch along the wall. She was moaning in time with each time a man with a Carvinale mask drove his rigid cock into her body.

As if trapped, Gazelle stood watching unable to look away. She felt cream trickle from her as the woman’s moans turned to pants. The man pushed the woman’s legs wider, his grunts growing louder.

“I didn’t know you liked to watch.” Hunter’s voice in her ear forced a squeak from her. “You hid a lot from me, Elle. What else do you like to do?”

She would’ve turned toward him, but he stepped behind her and wrapped an arm around her waist. She was trapped against his body. He began to walk her closer to the couple and no amount of feet dragging on her part stopped their progress. Hunter didn’t stop until they were standing within touching distance.
“Does it turn you on?” He slid an arm up her thigh, pulling the hem of her dress as he went. “If I touched your pussy, would it be wet from watching?”
The couple on the couch was close to the end. She could tell by the way the man gripped the woman’s thighs, and the frantic tossing of the woman’s head. Just watching the way her breasts bounced with each thrust, the way his cock glistened even in the low light, and the way they pressed into each other was enough to cause that much more cream to slip down her thigh.

Hunter played along the top of her mound, teasing along her skin but not touching her where she wanted. Gazelle grabbed his and pressed it where she wanted, and whimpered when he slipped two fingers into her body.
“So wet,” he moaned into her ear. “Would you like it if someone watched us? What about if I decided to share you?”
She couldn’t help thinking about how they’d been earlier, how his cock had been buried so deep. How could she be so aroused tonight? She’d never allowed desire and lust to cloud her mind as much as it had over the last few hours. But that wasn’t true, every time she’d been with Hunter before it had been like this. That’s why it scared her so much, that’s why she avoided things.

“Answer me.” He demanded. His fingers were relentless, thrusting in time to the couple’s movements.

“Yes,” she cried out.

An orgasm rippled through her, stealing her breath as it crested over her. And she watched, every muscle taut and her pussy clenching around his fingers, as she watched them lose themselves in front of her. It was an incredibly erotic scene that so overwhelmed her she leaned her head back on his shoulder and let him hold her.

Hunter pressed on her clit and she arched, her eyes flying open. “No,” she pled as he repeated the action sending tremors through her body.

He grasped her breasts, tweaking her nipple through her dress. “When I want, Gazelle. You come at my whim.”

She stared unseeing ahead as he played her body. He was relentless, so different than he’d been before. No matter how she fought, he held her until he had her crying out. She hung suspended in his arms as he swept through her, and then melted into his body.

The couple on the couch had disappeared and Hunter drew her to the other end. She let him pull her into his lap, all resistance having leaked out of her for the moment. They sat, her back to his front, lost in their individual minds. It was almost quiet, but she could hear the sounds of other people milling around the room. Some perverse part of her wanted to find and watch them, too.

Gazelle realized that this was the part she enjoyed, the after in his arms. She felt safe her, like nothing could come close and burst the bubble around them. It had always been this way between them. He’d push her to her preset limits and then hold her tight after. It was always after that she felt the most connected to him, and right then was no different.

For one moment, she let that foreign feeling of contentment wrap her up.



Hunter drew in a deep breath, his arms tightening around her. There was no denying that she liked it. Her body shivered with residual tremors as he held her. With all the fight gone from her body, Gazelle was a kitten in his embrace, snuggling deeper. This was how he wanted her all the time.

Something possessive burned in his chest, but he squashed it before it took root. She’d always aroused that feeling in him, but he’d kept it in check during their relationship. Looking into her eyes, he’d seen that need that was the mirror of his own. Deep down in her soul lurked a need to unleash that hidden sexual need, and every time he saw it Hunter felt that answering roar in his soul. She wanted to submit and he ached to dominate; they were perfectly matched. Except when he hinted at exploring both of their needs, Gazelle grew skittish and fled.

And he hadn’t done a damn thing to stop her.

When she’d walked away, Hunter tried convincing himself that it was the right thing to do. She hadn’t been ready to invest in the life style he wanted them involved in, and there was no way he’d force her. Instead, he let her go and felt like a fool for it.

He suppressed the desires for a long time, but it flared too bright to ignore for long. Frustrated with himself and the coward’s way he’d taken with Gazelle, Hunter finally let gave in. He dove deep into the being a Dom, going so far as to consider taking on a submissive full time at one point. But every time someone knelt at his feet, every time he bent someone over his knee, every time he slipped his cock into the warmth of a welcoming pussy, all he saw was Gazelle. While he’d drowned himself in other women, determined to forget her and find someone else to meet the needs raging in him, she was all he wanted.

That need for her morphed into an anger that seethed inside of him. Hearing about her life only made it worse. He wanted to experience her life with her, and more than anything he wanted to pull down those walls she erected to find that woman deep inside.

No matter how much he convinced himself that he needed to stay away, he just couldn’t. That’s why he invited her tonight, that’s why he put forth that proposition, and that’s why he was holding her in his arms right now. When he’d seen her across that room, his first response had been surprise and joy. That flicker of lust that flickered across her face almost made him forget about the party and chase after her, but he stopped himself.

No, this was about biding his time, and while this arrangement of theirs was a farce to her, he had every intention of making it permanent.  Hunter wasn’t the same man she left, and he wanted to show her that they were both ready for a relationship that wasn’t traditional.  Slip by her carefully erected walls, and he’d find what he needed

Already had, he thought. The way she’d responded to Luke and what occurred after had been telling. Those things needed exploring and Hunter would explore all of them.

He buried his nose in her hair. The warmth of her body soaked into his, and he savored the smell of clean, willing woman. She turned her nose into his neck and sighed softly; he vowed then he’d do whatever was necessary to keep her. Including using her sexuality against her.


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  1. Aku

    Possibly one of the more interesting pieces I’ve read on your blog – partly I suppose because it’s longer than most.
    I like the characters – the two main ones. I was initially only reading it as one-sided, as Gazelle, but the 2nd half of this post just made Hunter genuinely more layered and interesting and with the potential to either push hard and then back away to a space where they can be happy/comfortable and be what they both want or continue with the possessive mind and aggression that is peeking out here and push her too far and take things to a dark place.
    It’s great because to me, there are few things more profound and at the core of story-telling than exploring the human mind and behaviour.
    Keep up the excellent work! 🙂

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