Caught (4:1)

Another broken up chapter. 

They were playing some kind of game and it was pissing her off. Her heel connected with his shin, and Hunter grunted behind her. “Stop talking about me like I’m not here.”

A broad smile split Luke’s face and Gazelle glared at him. His laughter bounced off the walls as he leaned a hip against the bed. “Are you sure you don’t want me to tame her, Hunter? She may be too much for you.”

“Fuck you, Luke.” His reply seemed casual, but she heard the steel. 

Luke winked at her. “You’ll have to woo me a little first. You’re welcome by the way.” He saluted them both and exited the room as quietly as he entered it. Hunter muttered under his breath, but her focus was back on putting some distance – and clothes- between them.

She squirmed, her thighs butting against his clothed legs. “Let me up, now.”

His hand landed hard on her ass and she let out a squeak and renewed her struggle. When he spanked her across one cheek then the other, she lay still. The sting dulled slowly, but not before it radiated down between her thighs. She arched her back, letting the need blossom.

“You were great at talking, but not at listening. That will change.” The sound of a zipper lowering filled the room. “I give and you receive, no questions. There are things you don’t understand about yourself and I’m going to teach you.”

Gazelle buried her face in the comforter. She wasn’t sure she wanted to learn. There was no turning back once the need living inside her saw light. She wasn’t sure she liked that person she kept locked away.

“I don’t think—“ She gasped as he entered her with a powerful thrust.

Her body stretched to take him as he inched in then pulled back. It was a slow trek he made as he reacquainted her body with his girth. She panted into the covers when he bottomed out, leaving her feeling conquered and full. His hand grasped her hips, connecting them ass to groin. They hung suspended, an odd joy shimmering between them as he pulsed inside her.

“You can handle it.” The intensity of his voice glided over her skin.

Her body clung to him as he withdrew, and stretched wide as he returned with a surge of his hips. She felt the ripple of the muscles in his thighs, as he pressed hard against her. He felt good, familiar, the way he filled her a sensation she remembered well. With each thrust, Gazelle let her body take over.

She let her mind quiet down. 


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