She had this tendency, when she slept deep, to roll to her belly and push her ass into the air. He’s strolled in after a long day at work to find her positioned like an invitation, one he often can’t resist.

This night was particularly hard to ignore after the stress of cases and the tension of a lost battle weighing on him. As he leaned against the door, he admired the gleam of her skin coated in the moonlight streaming through the window. Her shirt was rucked to her neck, revealing the line of her back leading to her round bottom pushed into the air. The barely there string of her panties halved the globes of her ass in the most enticing way. She was open and ready for him even in the oblivion of sleep. He wanted… To part, to take, to sate himself inside her.

To take his frustration out on her beautiful body was wrong. He knew her day with the kids had been as taxing, but the beast made demands and he surrendered to its leading.

He pushed away from the door, shedding his business attire as quietly as possible, promising to neatly fold and hang each article when he subdued the bubbling emotion. Every fiber, including the hard jut of his cock, focused on the need to feel her wrapped around him.

When he made it to her side of the bed, he watched her even breathing for a beat before trailing a hand up her thigh to cup between. It took everything to tamp down the urge just to fuck her fast with zero regard. No, he wanted her wet even before she knew consciousness. He wanted to wake her with the first hard thrust and squelch of her body as his hips met her bottom.

As he barely touched, he savored the feel of her. Her pussy was a warm haven, the thin gusset of her panties hiding nothing as he pressed inwards without penetrating. To spend forever in that welcoming place. He watched her responses carefully, noting when her face turned into the pillow and her thighs pressed together. As his fingers played at her clit, moisture rushed to dampen the fabric. He circled until her hips squirmed and then pushed the cotton aside to dip in. He groaned softly at how wet and hot she’d grown, her body blooming for him.

It was impossible to wait, his cock throbbed at a telling tempo and he needed her. Now.

He climbed in behind her, uncaring if the dip of the bed woke her at this point, and slid her panties just under the curve of her butt. Palming her cheeks, he pulled them apart allowing the moon light his way to heaven. And that first thrust was heaven.

He slid in deep, just a hint of resistance from her body as it opened around him only added to his pleasure. Her arched back and soft moan was the trigger he needed to unburden everything. Nothing but her body would soothe him tonight and he held nothing back, relishing in her cries with each snap of his hips. Wide awake and eager, she pushed back every time until the room echoed with the sound of slapping flesh, until the smell of sex permeated the air around them.

She was his nightcap and he drank deeply of her.


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