A social visit to my friend’s office always draws at least one set of eyes my way.

I feel his on me the moment I walk in. Tracing the straps of my tank top, admiring the curve of my ass in my leggings. Maybe I wore it specifically with him in mind because I do love to show off to my admirers.

He thinks I don’t notice the way he stares at me. The way he leans in to get a closer look and then leans back in his chair to savor the whole picture. I’m more than aware, and always willing to give him a little something.

The man is old enough to be my father. He is a father and a husband too. He’s also a dirty old man who’d savor the taste of me if I gave him the chance and didn’t take his flirting as nothing more than harmless fun. Savor me to the very last drop.

I imagine he’d love for me to call him Daddy. He’d have me to his office around lunch time, draw the curtains and lock the door. He’d pull out this baby doll teddy for me to wear, watching as I stripped to nothing for him. He’d make me prance around and beg for his attention.

“Daddy, can I suck your cock while you work? Please, Daddy, can I?”

“Daddy, I’ve been a bad girl. Will you spank me please?”

“I need you, Daddy.”

He’d have me bottoms up over his desk, khaki pants around his ankles, sweating as he bottomed out in me. He’d enjoy the sight of my ass moving as he thrust in to me and the sound of our skin slapping together as it filled the office.

I’d take his tight grip on my hip and a hand in my hair as he called me his pretty girl.

“Oh, baby girl, you feel so damn good wrapped around my cock.”

I wink at him as I leave, loving the flushed sight of his cheeks and the look of lust in his eyes.

“You look absolutely spectacular today,” he calls out as I pass.

“You’re too sweet to me, Frank.”

I can’t help smiling.


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