When he stopped, she lay there in agony. Her breasts throbbed, the skin-tight and pulsing. She closed her eyes and sobbed, begging behind her gag for him to let her go. A hand cupped her breast, tweaking the bruised nipple so hard she groaned. The hand slid down her body to her spread thighs undaunted by her renewed struggles. Two thick fingers split her labia, plunging deep inside her. Halyey sobbed into the fabric of the gag, to undone to do anything except cry.

He lifted his hands to show her the wetness that coated his fingers. Her body’s response was disturbing, she shook her head in denial. This reaction was as foreign to her mind as the pain she’d just endured.

There was no hiding from the sight of it.

“You certainly respond well to pain.” While he spoke with a note of approval in his voice, the look on his face as he inspected his fingers was stern. “Just as I’d hoped.”

He slipped his hand back between her thighs. Haley’s hips jumped when he pressed hard on her clit before delving back inside her. Then it was a constant motion, his fingers stroking her g-spot and eliciting garbled and angry moans from her. His eyes were intent upon her face as he sought to bring about her climax, and she was helpless no matter how hard she worked to prevent it.

“I’ll teach you to crave my touch.” That soothing voice had returned. “To cum on command, like you’ll cum for me now.”

Hayley wanted to die as an orgasm ripped through her at his words, forcing her to arch into the straps.

It was the ultimate betrayal, her body finding pleasure against her will at the hands of this sadistic son of a bitch. She squeezed her eyes shut against the sight of his cock tenting the front of his slacks, against the maniacal glee in his eyes, against the dissonance of mind and body.

When it finally abated, Hayley was left drained, but overwhelmed by her thoughts. The last tremors brought an all to familiar panic on its heels. It was difficult to tell the source of her rapid breathing as she stared up at the ceiling.

He moved into her line of sight, that friendly smile back on his face. “You don’t understand yourself the way I do, but you will. I will teach you what I like, and you will come to like those things, too, because it pleases me. You’ll learn, pet.”

The way he said it, like she wanted this, pushed the panic back and allowed anger in. She shouted at him behind her gag, but that only made him happy. The need to scratch his face until he was bloody and scream until she was hoarse was all-consuming.

He kissed her eyelids and took a step back. “I’ll show you more of what I like tomorrow, but now you must undergo a different kind of teaching. Rest.”

Before she could gather her thoughts, he’d left her side and made for the door. He bowed deeply to her before cutting the lights and plugging her into darkness. Hayley felt the panic well up again as the darkness pressed in on all sides. Each breath caught in her throat until it seemed impossible to draw in air.

Her fear, this place, him, all sent her plummeting into that place she never wanted to go to again. There was no keeping it away. No way to put on a brave face and endure as terror sank its claws in her.


Out of the darkness comes monsters you never knew existed

Hayley hated the dark. Her childhood fear stemmed from a belief about the monsters under the bed. She swore something lived beneath the tiny trundle-bed, something with octopus arms and sharp teeth. Her parents had offered her a nightlight, but that little light never dispelled the darkness. It was inevitable that she’d end up in between her mom and dad, seeking comfort from imagined things.

When her parents died, she learned that the darkness attracted other kinds of monsters as well.

At eleven, she moved in with her aunt and her husband. Haley was already well-developed at that time. Her C cup breasts and long black hair made her look years older.


“A little beauty,” her uncle had murmured as he pulled her into a hug the morning she showed up at their place

Too lost and heartbroken, Hayley welcomed the comfort. She was too young to realize what her uncle’s looks meant.He waited a whole year before he started coming to her room.

That first time, she’d woken in the middle of the night, startled awake by some unseen force. He’d been standing in her doorway, the moonlight trickling through the window and falling on him, giving him an almost demonic appearance.

“Uncle Dan?” she’d asked when he walked across the floor to her twin-sized bed. She’d pushed up into a sitting position not realizing the blanket had fallen away to reveal her breast in her thin t-shirt.

His eyes had dropped there. “It will be.”

“What should I do?” Hayley had looked up at him, trusting him.

“Exactly what I tell you to.” He swept the blanket away from her body. Her legs were bare, and her innocent white panties peeked out. “Take your shirt off, Hayley.”

She shook her head; her brows drawing together in confusion. “But why?”

He grasped her arm so hard she’d yelped in pain. “Because I said so damnit. Do what the fuck I tell you or you’re aunt will know how you don’t listen.”

Aunt Amy was stern and disciplined Hayley if she didn’t obey. It was usually with a switch or a belt. Her parents had never raised a hand to her, but Hayley had learned in her aunt’s house to do something the moment she was told. Amy expected perfection from the child she didn’t really want.

Pulling her shirt over her head, Hayley waited anxiously for him to tell her what to do. His eyes dropped to her breasts again, a look she wouldn’t recognize until later reflected there. He licked his lips and stepped closer.

“Take off your panties,” his said in a low voice. “Now.”

Hayley shook her head in instant denial. “No, I don’t want to.”

He slapped her so hard that her ears rang. “You take your panties off or I’ll tear them off.”

Haley had held her burning face in stunned silence. Rage and what she came to learn was lust glittered in his eyes. He raised hand and she scrambled to pull her panties down before he hit her again.

His hands dropped to the tie of his lounge pants. “Lay back and don’t move.”

She wanted to disobey, but fear made her lie back. He descended on her then, pressing her thin body down into the mattress, and smothering her gasp with a hand over her face. She felt the hard press of something between her thighs, and cried into his hand as he penetrated her. It was brutal; her body feeling like it was being rent in two by his.

When it was over, terrible sobs poured from her. He pushed away from her and looked down at her quivering body. The disgust in his eyes only fueled her own.

She rolled away, curling into herself to block out the pain and the imprint he’d made on her mind. Haley had felt the sticky mix of fluid leak from her and cried harder.

“Shut up you stupid little slut. That body of yours is made for fucking.” He yanked her head back and sneered down at her. “Go to the bathroom and clean up. Keep your mouth shut, understand?”

When she didn’t respond quickly enough, he yanked so hard she felt her hair pull from the root.

“Answer me, or I swear to God…” He raised his other hand in warning.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Get cleaned up.” He released her with and walked out. It took a long time before her tears subsided. She lay like that, naked and wet, for a long time. She dared to consider disobeying, but feared what would happen

She promised herself that she wouldn’t let that happen again, but it did. Every night for years he came to her room.

Her refusal to socialize at school meant she had no female friends, isolating her even more. But in those years, Hayley learned the power of her sex. She could attract attention with a short skirt or a low top, and exercised her abilities on her back. It never bothered her giving it up like that because at least then she did it on her terms.

It went on like that until her uncle came to her one night and found her in bed with some guy she’d snuck in. The way he’d screamed had brought her no limit of satisfaction.

He didn’t waste time beating the shit out of her after he threw the guy out, and Hayley goaded him into hitting her harder. Telling him that all the other boys fucked her so much better than he was capable of, calling him a slimy toad.

Once he exhausted himself, he stormed out leaving her a bloody mess on the carpet. She knew she had to get out of there that night.


  1. Paul

    What an intriguing twist. This is very dark material, Cara. I admire your courage & skill in taking it on.

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      1. Paul

        You denigrate your talent unnecessarily. Your writing is very stimulating – both sexually & intellectually.

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  2. Paul Whitehead

    Dear Cara A beautiful & arousing story. I have one point to make. You write of “his cock tenting the front of his slacks”. I think the word “slacks” rather detracts from the masterful, brutal impression you are trying to create in the reader’s mind. “Slacks” rather conjures up an image, at least in my mind, of middle-age, middle-brow, middle-class vanilla conformity. However, of course, this may be the impression you are trying to create. In that, far from being a guiding & intelligent man to Hayley, he is merely a domineering (as opposed to dominant) weak man. I’d be interested in your thoughts. Paul Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2014 04:40:22 +0000 To:

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      Hm, I think perhaps it sounds different in my head. I’m not sure what an alternative would be. He isn’t dressed casually so slacks seems appropriate. Is it more of a dialect thing? Because dress pants doesn’t flow well and jeans doesn’t fit how I see him. I’ll consider the wording

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