Seat 19B

Missy (2) and Cynthia have a start, but I’m admittedly curious about Patrick.


Patrick bounced Kyle on his knee, silently cursing the slip of his tongue. What had possessed him to admit to the affair? A moment of weakness brought on by fatigue, surely.

Work had been crazy and Cynthia had coaxed him into opening up so he could relax. Somehow, in his random mutterings, a comment had slipped out alluding to his extra marital activities.

His wife was astute and latched on to his jabbering. He’d let the truth tumble out like a cleansing river under her sharp gaze.

Watching Cynthia’s eyes cloud up had caused an instant flash of regret in the pit of his stomach. He hadn’t meant to hurt her, except everything he’d done had guaranteed that he would do just that. Hadn’t Yvette been hinting at revealing their affair lately? He’d put her off with some excuse, knowing damn well he had no plans on leaving his family.

He loved them as much as he was able to love someone other than himself.

Patrick glanced sideways at his wife. Strands of blonde hair clung to her parted lips, her breath causing them to flutter. Her breasts pressed against the thin shirt she wore and he felt his cock twitch. Looking away, he shifted the baby on his knee.

Cynthia was gorgeous in that classic way that appealed to all men. All blonde hair and long legs. Her body was still lithe even after her pregnancy.

The logic that led him to cheat and continue cheating made no sense in the face of her beauty. Any other man would be dumb to turn to another, but he obviously had a touch of the insane lurking inside.

“Stupid son of a bitch,” he mumbled absently.

He couldn’t even say what made him do it, just that the urge took him and he found a need to touch and taste the sweetness of someone else’s body. Not that it stopped him from enjoying the pleasures of his wife’s body as often as he could. He was a bastard in every sense of the word.

No sense beating himself up over it. He’d made the choices that he had and there no going back now that he’d spilled his guts. Just thinking about the divorce proceedings that would be set into motion after the vacation ended made him shutter. He wondered if Cynthia would be ruthless in seeing him pay for what he did. The messiness of it a loomed in his future like a coming illness.

But maybe there was a way…

He glanced at her relaxed features again, the plot to seduce her forming in his mind. Now he was glad she’d decided to carry on with their vacation. They had a week together, one week where he planned to show her it was all a mistake and that he was sorry.

Was he sorry? He pushed the voice that said he wasn’t to the background. The urge to feel the unfamiliar heat of another woman overrode too much of his common sense to this point. But his higher brain told him letting Cynthia go would be the stupidest of all the stupid things he’d done to date. She was the perfect wife; kind, gorgeous, a great hostess, and killer in bed.

Those facts needed to stay in the foreground and his dick needed to take a backseat. It was time to think like the shrewd businessman he was. He didn’t get this far without being cunning to the highest degree, and he wanted Cynthia.

The plan of seduction take hold in his mind. He’d win her back, no question about it.

She was his wife and they were bound together by their child. He was a bastard, but he’d use any means necessary to keep her by his side.


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