Seat 19C – Galley

Not sure where it’s going but continuing on
One. And Cynthia if you’re interested

Missy tipped the bottle back, draining the clear liquid and grimacing at the burn. That stuff packs a serious punch for such a small dose of alcohol.

Her leg bounced uncontrollably as her mind turned over the possibilities of being back there. It was quiet; the heavy curtain shielding the galley from the eyes of her fellow passengers. Not to mention large. It was natural to paint the picture of him propping her bottom up on the ledge near the coffee pots, spreading her legs, and burying his face in her hot…

“I brought you a meal.” The clear box was slid into her lap, interrupting her lascivious thoughts and scaring the shit out of her.

His words startled a squeak from her. He stared down at her, a friendly smile on his face and questions in his eyes. Heat flamed up her face as she realized where her thoughts wandered to so easily. She’d blame the alcohol, but she’d not had enough to have a light buzz yet. The man just made all parts of her jumpy.

He stood over her, the heat of him penetrating her leggings and t-shirt straight to her core. Missy couldn’t help breathing deep his scent once more. He smelled so much more delicious than the turkey club laying forgotten in her lap. She brought her eyes up to his and swallowed at the sparkly of interest visible behind his glasses. Lust and anxiety sucked all the moisture from her lips and she slid her tongue across them without thought. The interest in his eyes flared hot, rocketing the heat in her body to new heights.

“What should I call my lovely stowaway?” He squatted in front of her, bringing their knees into contact and his face level with hers.

Her mouth opened, but she had to clear her throat before she could continue. “Call me Missy.”

“I’m Miguel. Let me take care of you for a bit while things calm down up front. How’s that sound?” His hand settled on top of hers and she almost sighed at the feel of his rough palm against her skin.

Fan-freaking-tastic! She nodded instead of speaking because that particular function had abandoned her.

“Eat up and then I’ll work on finding something else for you.”

Instead of leaving her again, he sat in the jump seat to her right with a box of his own. She would’ve declined his food, but her stomach chose that very moment to growl in the most obnoxious way. Her cheeks flamed hot as she opened the container. She was a regular disaster today.

“Do you travel for work?” He turned just as she took a bite.

Her mouth was full of a turkey on rye that seemed to stick to the roof of her mouth and tongue. Missy debated talking with her mouth full, but quickly vetoed that in a heroic attempt to swallow. It was a wonder she didn’t choke.

“Yes, I…” She caught the box before it tumbled from her lap. Her face felt like it was on fire as she looked everywhere, but at the attractive man beside her. It was a wonder she didn’t burst into flames with as hot as her face got because of him.

Clearing her throat, she tried again. “I’m a consultant for a bookstore that deals in rare, collectible books. It allows me to see different parts of the country and world while touching some of the most valuable books in history.”

Miguel whistled low. He turned and leaned closer, pressing his thigh into hers and resting his arm along the headrest behind her. “Wow. What’s the oldest book you’ve touched?”

“Um… A first edition, 177 year old Book of Mormon. There are a couple that are more valuable for their rarity.”

Talking about work always excited her. She leaned in as she spoke, unaware of that more of her body pressed into his. It wasn’t long before she was gesturing with her hands and talking about the time she followed a strange Indian man down a narrow passageway in Calcutta. Miguel had to rescue her lunch before it made another attempted dive to the ground.

“God, you’re brave.” He brushed her hair back from her face, tucking it behind her ear.

“Not brave, just stupid. I tend to rush into things without thinking it through.” Embarrassment bled into her short laugh.

“But look at the adventures you get to have, huh?” A smile spread across his face and her heart kicked up a notch. “Many people spend so much time thinking they don’t ever get to live.”

Missy couldn’t help noticing the dimple in his left cheek and the way his scent curled around her. She could smell the mint on his breath from the gum he chewed, and couldn’t help wondering if she would taste traces of the sweet he’d eaten with his lunch if she leaned in for a kiss. His eyes seemed to sparkle, a knowledge of her desire evident in those chocolaty depths.

One kiss. Just one kiss of those lips would do her. Then maybe it would lead to all the things she’d been wanting for a while. It had been an embarrassing amount of time since anyone had made her want to forget her books.

The ding of the phone drew her out of her daydreaming.

He stared at her hard, things she couldn’t read flashing in his eyes before he moved away to answer. Though he spoke in low tones to who she assumed was one of the other attendants, his eyes remained on her. Missy felt a flush creep up her cheeks as she considered how she’d let her mind get away from her. It was time to get out of there.

“I’m just going to head back to my seat.” She vacated the jump seat and slipped out of the galley before he could stop her.

Missy wanted to kick herself for letting nerves push her away, but she’d hate to assume anything beyond simple kindness. She’d made an ass of herself one too many times to make the same mistake again. His interest wasn’t plainly stated in her mind. Well, not plainly enough.

Blessedly, things were quiet when she made it back to her seat. The baby’s head rested his father’s chest and both parents dozed. The man still seemed to press into her personal space when she sat, but at least she wasn’t in danger of her eardrums bursting. The person in front of her hadn’t reclined back so maybe she’d get lucky and catch a little sleep before they landed.

Slipping a set of headphones on over her ears, Missy ignored the tremble of disappointment she felt that Miguel didn’t stop her from leaving.


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