A single bite
A choice spot
Where would you sink your teeth?

Along a delicate neck
Around one blackberry colored nipple
In the curve of a round bottom
Along the line of one generous thigh
Or between?
In lips that start dark
Funneling in to pink flesh that grips back

This body meant for nibbling
Laid open for you to indulge in
What tiny taste would you take?


  1. Fatal

    My dear, either you’re watching NBC’s Hannibal or studying French Cuisine! But I am loving these little snippets… very erotic… full of imagery.

    “Blackberry colored nipple” was an especially poignant piece of imagery, evoking both the colour and the flavor of the fruit.


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      Cara Thereon

      I just started watching season 1 of Hannibal the other day. I loved the titles for the episodes as much as the show itself and couldn’t help myself. Like an exquisite dinner in the making.

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