Sounds floated through the cracked door. The low murmur of voices, the scrape of chairs along the floor, silverware clattering against plates, and wine being poured seemed a distant buzz under the frantic beat of her heart.

His moist breath fanned over the space where neck and shoulder met. Her naked skin pulled taut, goosebumps raced down her arms as the warmth of him surrounded her. Air rushed by her ear as he breathed in deep.

“Something smells good.” The tickle of fingers along her inner thigh made the muscles jump.

He pressed his palm to that space between her thighs, lifting his hand to cup her there fully. Another rush of air tickled her shoulder and she found she couldn’t breathe.

“It brings up memories of a particular flavor coating my tongue. Salty, sweet, earthy, and delicious.” She couldn’t suppress her whimper at his words.

His teeth sank into her shoulder jolting her with such erotic sensation that she groaned. “Ssh, quiet.”

One finger traced the divide, teasing the wet flesh it found there until her hips thrust forward in a silent plea. He kissed behind her ear, pressing her bottom back into the cradle of his lap.

“It’s a scent I know well. A lot like the summer rose just as it blooms; achingly familiar yet brand new every time. Something to savor.”

The heel of his hand pressed into her heated flesh and her hips jerked forward. She caught her lip between her teeth determined to stem the needy moans bubbling up. He’d see her undone though.

His mouth latched on to her neck then, applying the perfect amount of suction that made her knees weak. Her head dropped to his shoulder, every ounce of resistance gone as she melted in to him.

“A beautiful aroma that makes my mouth water. I think it’s beyond time to taste what smells so good, don’t you?”

He parted her wide and plunged two fingers deep. There was no stifling her cry, her body taking on a life of its own as he held her against him. He murmured things to her that only stoked the need higher.

Writhing on his hand, her cries spilled from her lips. He caught her mouth in a hard kiss, halting all but the wet sound his fingers made as they moved inside her.

She hurtled right to the edge, the rippling of secret flesh speaking to her need to find satisfaction. She tried reaching for that mind shattering climax, but he stopped as suddenly as he started leaving her trembling with frustrated need. Her mind remained cloudy even as he took a step back, the erratic sound of her breathing blocking all sound.

She stepped away to straighten her dress when she could think again. Without a mirror, she prayed none of the passion showed on her face. If only her body would settle before they left the room, but it was getting close to dinner time.

“I’ll meet you back at the table.” There was no disguising the husky tremor in her voice.

Before she could leave, he caught her hand and turned her to face him.

“We must get back to our guest, but first I’ll have a little something to whet my appetite.”

Mesmerized, she watched as he slipped his fingers into his mouth. The fire in his eyes made her nipples tighten to hard points in anticipation. She could almost feel the rasp of his tongue as he made a show of licking every bit of her desire away. Heat seemed to infuse every inch of her by the time he finished.

“I’m ready to eat now.” He gave her quick kiss before pulling her out of the room.

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