Unedited quickie

His hand found its way to my throat, his grip tight as he stared at me. I draw in a half breath and move closer to him, my heart kicking up as his hand tightened.

He’s sitting on the counter, his daring eyes steady on mine. Is this really what I want? Will I do what scares me.

I step forward more, lifting my legs, fighting my fitted skirt to climb up his legs. I want it, his grip too tight around my throat making me question my sanity. My cunt throbs and my thighs are slick with the truth of my desire.

Each breath is smaller as I finally kneel above him. He’s not loosened his grip and offers no help as I scramble to undo his shorts, my fingers fighting the buttons. Once I’ve freed his cock, a pause. He’s harder than he’s ever been, the tip an angry purple and leaking.

I meet his eyes again, my body humming when I see how much this excites him. It’s nothing to tear away the fabric of my skirt and to slide down on his cock in one go.

I can barely gasp at the sensation, my head light and my cunt filled to the brim with him.

“Fuck me, please…” I could barely get the words out, but he knew.

His eyes sparkled as he grasped my hip with his other hand and snapped his hips.

I drew in a breath, momentarily dazed, and before I could draw my next breath he began fucking me in earnest. He was a man possessed, holding me exactly how he wanted me so his body could fill every inch of mine.

“Is this what you want?” He gritted out. “Me fucking you, squeezing the life out of you?”

My vision blurred, but I couldn’t stop my lips moving. Mouthing yes as my cunt fluttered around him.

“Are you gonna come for me?” He drew me closer so I bent just right for him. “Will you come on my cock like the good little whore you are? Come for me.”

I was fading out, but his words, his filthy words sent me tumbling end over end into an orgasm that rocked me to the core. His hips barely stuttered as I gripped him, but I know from his eyes he was about to come.

“My little rag doll, now you get to take all my come.”

He pulled my hips down tight against his, holding me to his lap as he released inside me. It sent me spiraling over again just as my vision tunneled into nothing.

When I woke, he had me cradled in his arms, holding me close. His lips were pressed to my forehead, and I relaxed into his hold.

I lifted my face to catch his lips. “Thank you.”

“You’re so precious to me.” His words echoed in my heart.


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