At it again

Late MM entry.

“Well aren’t you a naughty boy.”

He stilled as her voice slipped over him. Shit… He wasn’t expecting her home so early. Embarrassment heated his face as a different kind of heat rose in his veins stuffing his cock. It was tempting to keep his eyes lowered, but he lifted his gaze to hers and the desire glittering there floored him.

“Mrs. Rogers…” He had enough sense to pull his hand from his Calvin Klein’s and try scrambling off the couch. “I can explain.”


“What is there to explain, Troy? I think it was pretty obvious what you were doing.” She crossed the room quickly and pushed him back on the couch.

He tumbled backwards, stunned as she stood over him. Part of him was terrified that she’d caught him jacking off in her house, but a large part of him – mainly his cock – was very excited to have her standing there with fire in her chocolate-colored eyes.

The shorts she wore barely covered her ass and she only wore them when she was home. He swore she did it to tempt the hell out of him

Embarrassment amplified as he realized what that meant. She’d been home the whole time he’d been cleaning, and definitely when he’d stumbled upon her panties dangling from the shower and gotten the bright idea to ease his discomfort. Troy groaned and dropped his head back on the cushion.

“Mrs. Rogers–”

She leaned forward, her delicious breasts barely contained in her tank top. He licked his lips as the came closer to his face then froze as she tugged the underwear he’d swiped from beside his shoulder.

She leaned in more, bringing her lips to his ear. “Finish what you started.”

Even as his eyes darted to the empty doorway behind, searching for her husband, even as he berated himself for letting his cock control him, his hand found its way back into his underwear.

She gazed down the line of his body as he squeezed the base of his cock. He arched up into his hand, so hard he could barely stand it. The urge to take the hard nipple dangling close was so intense he bite his lip to stop himself.

“Let me see how you cum.”

Her voice was smoky, weaving around him as his hand moved up and down. He wanted her, had since the first day he appeared at her door to service her house.

“Can I… Can I see you?”

The words left his mouth on a whisper, but she heard them. Watching her pull the tank top over her head so her breasts bounced free nearly made him cum too soon. They were gorgeous; full and natural with dark nipples he needed to suck on.

“Oh, God, can I…”

She grasped her breasts in both hands and fed him those beautiful blackberry tips. He pulled her flesh in deep, sucking hard. Every ounce of his attention focused on tasting her. His tongue danced around the nub, his teeth sank into the tip just enough to hear her throaty moan.

His hand slowed and she pulled back until her nipple left his mouth with a pop.

“Bad boy. I didn’t tell you to stop, did I?”

She stood back and the light caught the wetness from his mouth on her skin. The way her brow arched sent him back to his task. Her hands grabbed her mounds of flesh, rubbing his saliva in. When she sent one hand down into her tight shorts, her long fingers working in her cunt, he lost what little control he hand.

“Shit.” It boiled up, taking him by surprise

His back bowed off the couch as cum flowed out of him. It splattered his stomach, chest, and the couch back beside him. His mind only barely registered the mess, his body locked in the most intense orgasm of his life.

When it subsided, Troy collapsed on the cushions.

“Now that was the show I was hoping for.” Mrs Rogers leaned in to lick a dollop of cream of his nipple before straightening and tossing her panties on his chest. “Better get yourself cleaned up, Greg will be home shortly and I’d hate for my favorite cleaning boy to be caught in an indecent position.”

She sauntered off, her hips swaying as she disappeared through the living room door.


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