My Daddy

Hi, Daddy.”

I’m still shy as I say it, but a lot of the shyness has worn off after so many months. The word flows easy from my lips and makes me happy in ways I can’t always explain.

The first time I said it, realized that honoring Signs (Michael, my Daddy) with that particular title, it felt different. No, it felt right.

Let’s get certain particulars out of the way.

  • I lost my father at a really young age, and while that has had an effect on many things in my life, I’ve never been the type to need a ‘daddy’ to guide me.
  • I’ve always thought about what being a submissive meant, but I’ve never looked at anyone and thought about them being my Dom because no one has inspired that kind of need in me.
  • Calling someone ‘daddy’ always felt funny to me. Like a comment someone made during sex. “Who’s your Daddy?” Not you.

When I started talking to Michael (I automatically want to call him Daddy here), it began in a way that felt safe. I admired him from afar, wanted him to notice me, was surprised/flattered/shocked/giddy when he did, and was very happy to just talk with him.

He was nice. He is nice even if I thought he was this tough guy at first. He cares deeply and he’s so soft on the inside I just want to snuggle against him. I’ve never had anyone take the time and tell me they cared beyond sex about me. In just the first month, I felt differently about him than any person – male or female – that I’ve ever talked to because I didn’t feel like he wanted something from me.

When it transitioned, from chatting to a D/s thing, we discussed names and how they’d fit. At first it was Sir, a title I’ve always had a thing for, and he’d call me pet. That title, pet, melted something inside me when he said it. It evolved though from a simple pet to a little kitten who’s taken care of by her Daddy.

Daddy didn’t feel gross when I said it to him. I felt like a little girl, a little kitten, being guided and cared for and stroked by her Daddy. It felt right because he does those things for me. It has the Daddy/little undertones that are caring and so damn hot to me.

I wish I could truly verbalize how such a title, a name that in different circumstances sounds strange, but that fit what we have. It won’t be the same for other people, but in those moments with him he’s very much my Daddy and I’m very much his little kitten.

I’ve written stories that speak better to the feeling of it. Excusing any typos, this story explains how it all feels.

Names and titles have deep deep meaning. I’m discovering that I’m more of a submissive than I realized and that names can bring out feelings you didn’t realize lived inside you. Calling him my Daddy makes me feel very much a cared for kitten and I love that feeling.



  1. Molly

    I love hearing that cheery little ‘Hi Daddy’ when you two are talking and it has definitely changed from something that you almost whispered at first to something that you now say with confidence. As for him being nice and snuggly and lovely, you are very right about that.

    I am truly glad you two have found one another


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  2. KP

    That’s really lovely – and I agree, finding that term is important. And so great when it feels so right that it can’t be any other name.

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  3. Domsigns

    My precious kitten, I have spent a lot of time thinking about to respond here in the comments about this post. I know you struggled with how you felt about your writing and if you really captured what you wanted to say. I know that there is more to say, but time will reveal that to you and revisiting your feeling through your writing will (I think) help you understand you and us better. For myself I read this post and felt many things. Pleased that we inspire these feelings in each other, proud to be the person that you have chosen to be your Daddy and lucky that I have both you and Molly in my life. I hope to prove myself worthy of that title and help you see the person that I see in everything that you do.


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  4. Kayla Lords

    I can relate to the shyness of that first “Daddy” and the rightness of it. And yes, it’s very hard to use their real name once you think of them differently. I can’t even say JB’s name (or I try not to!). It doesn’t feel right in my mouth.

  5. Karin Bird

    This is so amazing Cara – to read your feelings about your Daddy and being a kitten, as they are just exactly what I am feeling with my Daddy, too. We are so lucky to have found these unconventional relationships that feed our souls in ways no others could in the past. And lol @ ‘Who’s your daddy?’ ‘Not you’ 🙂 xx

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